The craziest road trip since the movie with that sexy DJ Qualls

The Gumball 3000 is a glitzy, week-long road rally / party in which extremely rich and famous people pilot exotic cars through a multi-country route... and entry costs three times as much as your '99 Altima. Now, for the first time ever, there's a far more affordable Florida version: a two-day romp from Miami to Ocala. You can enter in teams of two, any motorized vehicle goes, and it'll include stops at Hulk Hogan's beach shop and Punta Gorda Speedway, a $5k prize for the winner(s), plus an airboat ride with a dude named Captain Doug, which is pretty Funnie

Before you sign up (And you should! You have that Altima, remember?), you should probably familiarize yourself with some of the craziest things that have happened at the main Gumball

Past participants have included Xzibit, Daryl Hannah, pretty much all the Jackass dudes (duh), Snoop, Adrien Brody, a floor-burger-nourished David Hasselhoff, Kate Moss, Reggie Bush, and Jason Priestley, who somehow managed to not wrap any '65 Mustangs around telephone poles

In 2008, the rally stopped in Pyongyang, marking one of the few times North Korea opened its doors to a massive gang of global revelers. But they still weren't allowed to use their phones

One guy bought the same $1mil Ferrari California that Cameron and Ferris Bueller catapulted out a garage window just to drive it in this race. No word on whether or not he saw Sloane naked

North of Belgrade, two dudes slammed a $500000 camo-painted Rolls Royce Phantom into a barrier at 160mph. Then they got a new Rolls… and a Gumball trophy from Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion, where the women are fast, but make it a Punta to never be Gorda.

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