22 Miami Instagrams You Need to Follow Right Now

We often forget that most people can't walk outside their apartment and see tons palm trees, boats, and girls in bikinis. But that doesn't mean you should brag about living in South Florida on social media, leave that up to the professionals like the 22 best Miami Instagrammers...


View Miami through the iconic droopy eyes of David Anasagasti (aka Ahol Sniffs Glue), our own local art hero who sued American Eagle Outfitters and won. Plus, his totes-cute dog Spiro pops up from time to time.


Move over Britto, we want this orange to be our city’s cartoon claim to fame, chipped tooth and all. Follow the orange as he pops up on Miami’s walls and beyond. Word on the street is he was created in protest of the tearing down of the Orange Bowl back in 2008.


If our baking and art skills were anywhere close to Bachour’s, we’d flaunt 'em too. His Brickell pastry shop can’t open soon enough.


The official account of the guy behind The U, Cocaine Cowboys, The Tanning of America, and Dawg Fight. Drops mic.


Look up; look down; look anywhere but your phone cause Miami’s pretty cool. His unique angles breathe new life to even the most quintessential of palm trees.


All hail Burger Beast. Blogger, burger fiend, and food truck event extraordinaire, he likes comfort food and will make you want to ditch whatever diet you’re on to eat everything that’s “bad” in the world. His hashtag #aymama means it’s extra good.


Blurry food pics? Yeah, they don’t take one. This small army of food and alcohol connoisseurs keeps Miami up-to-date with the latest and greatest of the food scene.


'Cause we’re in Heat Nation and Wade County bro. Plus Gabrielle Union!


In addition to taking us on an eating and drinking tour of Hialeah this girl also does food porn. Pay special attention to her Frosted Flake-covered fried chicken on a stick, dulce de leche cheesecake, lechón on lechón on lechón, and her many breakfasts of champions.


This is what Instagram dreams are made of, from picture quotes on dreamy Miami backdrops to covering all of the hostel’s happenings (which are a lot). Our only question: when can we move in?


Sometimes we forget that we live on the border of one of the world’s most unique ecosystems, the Everglades. Madeleine provides proof without commentary (albeit several hashtags), so nature can speak for itself.


Sure, we have thousands of restaurants in this city, but none have an Insta-game as strong as Michael’s Genuine, which will make you drool at least a few times a day.


Adventures in Miami including the good (winter and tropical fruits at our disposal 24/7) AND the bad (schizophrenic weather, Tremont Towing, etc.), but mostly, we can’t get enough of the gratuitous way they rep our city.


Less creepy than Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler, but still an outsider, he lurks in the Miami nights for shots that are so raw (and sometimes ominous) that they inspire true emotion and prove that Miami nightlife can be more than... well, this.


Covering all that is WTF Miami from nakedness to pata sucias to wearing bling at the gym, he’s got the ratchetera down pat.


This account just launched in January, but we already see its juicy potential. The inanimate subject in question here is the pineapple who just came into its prime and is exploring the city from a quirky viewpoint. She even flirted with @atomiko’s orange. Mmhhh, we see a possible match in the future.


Boasting over a million followers (thanks in part to... ugh, the Kardashians) Miami writer Robert M. Drake started out posting his deep quotes and poetry on what looks like hand-made paper and is now a best-selling author.


A beautiful girl, her camera, and her favorite game: juxtaposition with the help of color, twirls, whirls, lines, oddities. Oh, and sometimes bodies.


Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, Sweat’s better than ever at providing you with the best of the city’s indie underground. Yeah, it exists here.


Repping the 305 with a one-stop shop of event shout-outs, pics of scantily clad women, Miami Heat everything, and a dose of Miami history for good measure.


Enjoy the ultimate mash-up of everything that is Wynwood art -- from the galleries to the murals and graffiti -- all without actually having to go there.


Ever wanted to go inside the mind of an artist? Typoe lets you. Sometimes you’ll get it and sometimes you won’t, but at the very least, it’ll a brain trip.

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