Tech it to the limit with the year's best

Gigwalk: Cooked up by some Yahoo! expats and just getting rolling in Miami, GW allows businesses/ individuals to assign simple around-town tasks, or "gigs", which you can pick up and finish off for quick cash...more

Your Relationship Saver: Hatched by a West Palm Beach cop in an attempt to keep his buddy's snooping wife out of his bidness, CATE covers your ass by basically hiding all your malfeasances inside your phone in a place only you can get to...more

Audiowood: Born after its North Florida-based owner Joel's handmade wood turntable got so many "whoa man, you should sell these" props from friends, he now turns all sorts of wood into a full range of audio and home gear...more

MeetOnCruise: From two FIU grads unashamed to admit they used to go on giant boats to meet buffet-loving ladies, totally free MOC's basically Facebook for cruisers, letting you "facilitate relationships" with fellow travelers before you even get on the boat...more

Burger Beast App: Conjured up by the beloved blogger, because no one else had taken the initiative to organize Miami’s vehicles of deliciousness, BBA is an app that dutifully keeps you updated on the exact locale of your next meal...more