You're welcome

Sure, the Heat are great champions, but can Udonis Haslem execute a series of highly synchronized high kicks while flashing jazz hands? Possibly, but there's no way he looks nearly as hot doing it as the girls at the Miami Heat Dancer auditions, which we attended and snapped millions of photos at, before picking the finest 25 for you to gawk at when your boss goes to Chili's for lunch. Over 300 girls showed up this year, from returning vets (you go, No. 154!), to overmatched newbies, to a certain girl in a leopard-print bikini you're now totally going to Where's Waldo. And beyond that, what should you do with photos of hot babes stretching, smiling, and doing some sassy hand-behind-the-head move? Share them with the world on Facebook right through here, to become a great champion yourself.