Your country-by-country guide to watching the World Cup in Miami

Published On 06/11/2014 Published On 06/11/2014

Miami Sure, as soon as LeBron leaves, the Heat will draw less than the Ice Capades, but whoever said Miami was a bad sports town hasn’t been here for the World Cup: when it comes to repping your country for fútbol, nobody does it harder than the 305, so we found the best bars/restaurants to be in when things kick off this weekend for 12 of the competing countries.


OTC: Free beer! 
Ok, it’s not a country, but everyone’s a fan of free beer, so come out to OTC for England vs. Italy this Saturday at 6pm. The first 30 people to say they’re there with Thrillist get a free beer, and everyone else gets bottomless Narragansett for $20. They’re running that $20 special all World Cup, plus rotating special menus for whichever country is playing. Continue Reading


Novecento: Argentina
When Argentinians gather to cheer on their team at this Brickell eatery, it’s more like a block party than a sports bar, stacked with Argentinean dancers, televisions in every direction, and fans toting drums (yes, drums) to bang on when their country scores. Or, really, throughout the whole match.
If that’s too packed: Juana M, Manolo


Boteco: Brazil
If anyone knows how to party, it’s the Brazilians, and at Boteco, you’ll stuff your face with picanha and down caipirinhas while listening to the game’s commentary get drowned out by a never-ending samba band, vuvuzelas, and more Brazilians than you’ll find in the actual stadiums. And, yes, that includes Brazilian girls and all that comes with them.
If that’s too packed: Brasileiro, Beer 360

Matt Meltzer

El Corral: Colombia
If the folks at ESPN Deportes are smart enough to know this is the place to be for Colombia’s matches, then we’re not gonna tell you any different. So in addition to Colombia’s best burgers and $1.99 commemorative Budweisers, you can be part of their national broadcast and get your face painted with the Colombian flag.


Playwright: England
Miami’s Brits have apparently become so Americanized that they can't tell the difference between England and Ireland either ("whatever, they all talk funny”), so they'll be packing this Washington Ave Irish pub for Guinness and English breakfast for all of England’s games.
If that’s too packed: Clevelander, Churchills


Le Bouchon du Grove: France
If Miamians just aren't quite rude enough for you, you can spend two hours surrounded by the French in this tiny café in the Grove wedged in next to Sandbar, where what they lack in TVs they more than make up for in wine selection, first-rate French cuisine, and chain smoking.
If that’s too packed: Villa Azur


Fritz & Franz Bierhaus: Germany
Sure, it’s not TECHNICALLY October, but Fritz & Franz  gives you an excuse to drink like it’s Oktoberfest during the World Cup with $5, 14oz glasses of German beer including Warsteiner, Pilsner and Dark, while feasting over all the carb-tastic pretzels and schnitzel you want.
If that’s too packed:  Abbey Brewing Co, TK’s at Villa Mayfair

Matt Meltzer

Kouzina: Greece
For the World Cup viewing experience that’ll make you feel like you’re actually in a team's country, hit up this Midtown Greek bistro where -- in honor of Greece's first World Cup appearance in like a billion years -- they’re bringing in TVs and showing all their games in a spot that’ll remind you of Mykonos. Minus the dudes in Speedos.


Segafredo: Italy
The folks who threw the biggest World Cup block party Lincoln Road’s ever seen back in ’06 are at it again, where all the Italian regulars will be knocking back $20 buckets of Peroni, competing to win Italia jerseys, and probably hitting on every single girl who walks by.
If that’s too packed: La Locanda, Caffe DiMauro


La Mexicana Cantina: Mexico
If you're from Miami, you know that most of the people speaking Spanish around you aren’t Mexican, so it'll be hard to find a good spot to watch our Southern neighbors that doesn’t have $18 burritos. Or it would be if Miami’s best new Mexican restaurant didn't have reasonable food prices, plenty of flat screens, and margaritas that’ll be 2-for-1 from 4-8pm EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Tapas y Tintos: Spain
Join every Cuban who swears his grandfather was from Spain -- and maybe a few Spaniards -- at this Española Way tapas joint on a street that actually LOOKS like Spain, and where they’re serving $10 bocatas (Spanish sandwiches), $8 Caipirinhas, $25 Estrella Damm Beer Buckets, and half-off Sangria.
If that’s too packed: Perfecto GastrobarBulla


Fado Irish Pub: Uruguay
Inexplicably, this Brickell Irish pub has been attracting a sizable Uruguayan contingency for qualifiers and friendlies. Get to know them while you party in the courtyard at Mary Brickell Village July 4th-5th, take Fado's million dollar bracket challenge, and enjoy the special World Cup menu.


American Social: USA
If you wanna watch the USA play around Americans... well, you’re pretty much gonna have to go to Broward. And there's no better place to do it than a bar with "America” in the title, where you'll down craft brews and some of Miami’s best mac and cheese surrounded by other people who’re just using the World Cup as an excuse to drink until the return of REAL -- aka college -- football.
If that’s too packed: Duffy’s, Bokampers

There're also these 5 awesome sports bars that just opened where the party'll be just as good...

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1. OTC 1250 S Miami Ave, Brickell, FL 33130 (Brickell)

OTC does it right with fast, order-at-the-counter service and a laid-back Southern Florida atmosphere. There's a progressive menu with a fresh ingredient presence (duh). Also, they're pretty proud of their Indie-rock music selections.

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2. Novecento - Brickell 1414 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131 (Brickell)

Novecento embraces the mantra: “mi casa es su casa” in its mecca for Argentinian cuisine. The menu is extensive, and your head will likely be spinning with the promise of empanadas, sopas, croquetas, quesadillas, and steaks. Favorite dishes include the signature hand-carved-beef empanadas, the pan-seared sweetbreads with sautéed mushrooms, French beans, corn, and baby greens, and the picada -- or sharing platter -- with fontina, Swiss, and manchego cheeses served with quince jelly, marinated mozzarella, Kalamata olives, and mixed nuts served with toasts. Novecento also conflates Italian influences with its Argentinian flavors: pastas include crab ravioli with creamy saffron sauce and potato gnocchi, while pizzas include pies with ham and white mushrooms, and prosciutto and mozzarella. Enjoy the dishes in a bistro setting in which the focal point is a lighted red dome above the bar.

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3. Boteco 916 NE 79th St, Miami, FL 33137 (Upper East Side)

"Boteco" is a cool place to hang out for night-life lovers in Brazil. It's a place where you go to grab a cold one and eat a few appetizers. Essentially, Boteco is the "bar around the corner" that's perfect for almost every occasion.

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4. El Corral 7800 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33122

After serving up burgers in Columbia since 1983, El Corral decided to bring its Latin American flair to the states. The menu includes over 15 different burgers and sides including fires, onion rings, and even salads (do not be that person who goes to a burger joint and orders a salad).

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
5. The Playwright Irish Pub & Restaurant 1265 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (South Beach)

Nestled between Mansion and Cameo, The Playwright serves up traditional Irish bar food and has plenty of specials on pitchers of brews. Although this bar can get a little wild on Friday and Saturday night, there is something unforgettable about its grittiness and untamed debauchery. Needless to say, it's the perfect place to let loose.

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6. Le Bouchon Du Grove 3430 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove, FL 33133 (Coconut Grove)

Le Bouchon is a friendly little restaurant in Coconut Grove that offers a menu created from only the best local products. It's a blend of Lyon with a splash of South Florida.

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7. Fritz & Franz Bierhaus 60 Merrick Way, Coral Gables, FL 33134 (Coral Gables)

Fritz & Franz Bierhaus is a traditional German/Austrian restaurant/sports bar. It's perfect for watching the big game while enjoying a nice, German brewski.

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8. Kouzina Greek Bistro 3535 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137 (Midtown)

Yiannis Sotiropoulos and Makis Paliouras created Kouzina as the answer to homesickness for their mothers' cooking. Now you too can enjoy the taste of home - if home is Greece that is. If not, well, then just enjoy the food anyway. It's authentic, delicious, and much cheaper than a trip to Mykonos.

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9. Segafredo 1421 South Miami Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (South Beach)

Segafredo is Brickell's quintessential Italian cafe by day, and a sophisticated lounge by night. The casual but chic atmosphere is complemented by its awesome menu and great cocktails.

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10. La Mexicana Cantina & Grill 1451 S. Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130 (Brickell)

La Mexicana is plating simple, flame-grilled, reasonably-priced Mexican favorites, made-to-order guac, and an extensive margarita menu that you can enjoy while wathing 70-inch TVs and listening to live music.

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11. Tapas & Tintos 448 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (Miami Beach)

Tapas y Tintos honors the tradition of eating tapas. That means small portions, but don't worry, because there's no limit to how many you can eat. It's all about enjoying time with friends and family over delicious food.

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12. Fado Irish Pub 900 S Miami Ave, Suite 200, Brickell, FL 33130 (Brickell)

To ensure its position in Miami’s bar culture as an authentic Irish pub, Fadó's interior was constructed piecemeal in Dublin, then shipped to and assembled in Miami, synthesizing five rooms, including the stained glass Victorian Long Hall, the Shop, the Cottage, and a series of Snugs, or private places to enjoy food, drink, and conversation. Traditional Irish fare, like shepherd’s pie, corned beef ‘n’ cabbage, and bangers ‘n’ mash, supplemented by bar favorites like fish tacos and Philly-style cheesesteak, are on offer at Fadó.

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13. American Social Bar & Restaurant 721 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (Fort Lauderdale)

This Las Olas spot serves up stuff like filet mignon and roasted red pepper pesto flatbreads, BBQ boursin short ribs, and more, out of their Americana-inspired digs.



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