10 Reasons to Get Excited About Thrillist Milwaukee

Thrillist Milwaukee is now officially a thing!!! Now you may be wondering, "What is the Thrillist?" Well first off, nobody calls us “the” Thrillist unless they’re a senior citizen (in which case we’re sure you’ll have some nutty Facebook comments for us). Second, we're moved to answer all of life’s questions through the art of listing, so without further ado:

1. We’re covering the essentials

Thrillist will bring you a hefty helping of the best stuff to eat, drink, and do in Milwaukee every single week.

2. We come bearing gifts

Like church festivals and Bronze Fonz photo ops, Thrillist is FREE. You can sign up here and vastly improve your email inbox in a few swift clicks.

3. We know there’s more to MKE than just cheese and brats

The food pyramid in your city extends to custard, fish frys, ribs, pierogi, pretzel rolls, and venison. There are many layers to the onion known as Milwaukee’s food scene, an onion that’s been sliced up, deep-fried, and served alongside a sweet, sweet butter burger.

4. That said, cheese and brats make for a formidable foundation

We’re not crazy -- we firmly belief tubed meats and cheddar make every cookout, tailgate, and job interview a much better experience.

5. We been admiring you from down South for a while now

Our Chicago editors have taken notice of your food and drink scene (it's hard not to notice things like a whole-fried-chicken Bloody Mary) and they’re secretly a little jealous. Actually, Thrillist Milwaukee will mark our fourth Midwestern edition after Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis, so you’re deservedly getting a Thrillist edition before Madison, St. Louis, and any place close to Ohio or Iowa.

6. We look forward to entering a new beer mecca

It’s pretty evident that the Brew City has evolved past canned, industrial-flavored beers in favor of greener craft-beer pastures courtesy of breweries like Sprecher, Lakefront, and Milwaukee Brewing Company. Whether you’re jonesing for a coffee stout, tiring of IPAs, or being an all-around beer snob, we’ll find the cure for what ails you.

7. We respect a city with more bars than grocery stores


8. We’re already counting down the days to the Wisconsin State Fair

The next five months better go by fast -- we need to know what the next chicken and waffles cone is going to be.

9. We’re throwing a launch party at Giannis Antetokounmpo’s house

Just kidding. You have to assume he's already brought the house down with furious dunks. (But seriously, if anyone has any Greek Freak connections, let us know ASAP.)

10. It’s about time Milwaukee got some Thrillist love

It’s ridiculous that it's taken this long, but let’s make up for lost time.

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