Come for the tattoos, stay for the sideshow

The coolest tattoo destination this side of Fantasy Island, the downtown Hyatt's got it all this weekend: local tattoo artists showing their skills, a multi-category ink contest (that includes best tattoo... completed that day at the show), but, most importantly, a stable of oddball entertainment that'd make actual Tattoo feel right at home, including: Show Devils: Devil-horned and tattooed almost completely blue, The Enigma and his lady friend Serana Rose (who apparently really likes puzzles), do stuff like knife throwing, chainsawing apples out of each others' mouths, and "neon eating". Megan Massacre: One of the primary tattooists is from NY Ink (there'll also be a gal from LA Ink, likely for coastal balance). Megan'll be tasked with both tattooing, and looking hot. Olde City Sideshow: These dudes might look like the staff at Eat St Social, or Parlour, or Marvel Bar, or Cafe Maude, but they're actually from a group of Vaudevillian, carnie-style show putter-on-ers that include contortionists, fire eaters, and sword swallowers. Crazy Philadelphia Eddie: The tattooing legend will be signing the just-released 4th volume (there will eventually be six) of his memoir Tattooing: the Life and Times of Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, a nickname cemented by the fact that he's, well, writing a six-volume memoir.