The most realistic civilian flight machine ever

Want to fly a fighter jet without pulling/spending many Gs? Then hit the Mall of America's A.C.E.S. "Surround View" flight simulators: insane, dog-fight-ready pods that are basically like stepping into your own fully controllable IMAX theaters

The place is set up like a hangar, and the front desk at the base of the control tower is where the A.C.E.S. staff will guide your mission via the same green two-way David Clark headsets found in legit cockpits

You'll be flying in street clothes, so just like at every other place in the mall, a mannequin has out-dressed you

Please enjoy a 15min briefing video. Exits are located at the rear of the cabin, but you shouldn't use them, because this stuff is important

Their first gen tech (like these WWII Warbird sims) are small, half-domes that grant a front-facing 180-degree view. They're about to be put to shame

Prepare to step inside an F-18E Superhornet

Your Surround View pod can also be configured as a chopper or a 737. But c'mon... F-18

The cockpit's a Superhornet facsimile, and pumps 1100 watts of surround audio and rumble packs that'll also make you feel the shakes and clatters of flight.

The 9ft tall spherical projection screen covers a seamless 230-degree horizontal field of view. Fly solo or dogfight a buddy in the next simulator throughout vistas like the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and Vegas

When it's all over grab yourself some well-earned dog tags -- they're no longer for Gs only!