Play Pac-Man, drink Cristal

You know how everyone's always deciding between balling out at a sexy ultra lounge or increasing the XP points of their warrior mage in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria?? Well, now they don't have to choose, thanks to Insert Coins, a Vegas-originated concept that's half Tron-looking uber club, half arcade, all occupying the Warehouse District's former Karma space with

  • 45 refurbished classic arcade cabinets (everything from Dig Dug to NBA Jam) and 38 HDTV video game consoles hooked up to everything from Atari 2600 to Xbox 360 to Super Nintendo
  • Roaming “gamerunners” to get you started/make you feel like an idiot for not knowing how to play Donkey Kong
  • Globe-spanning guest DJs and resident VJs they describe as "trail blazing", so expect to grind to the sounds of Chevy's most affordable mid-sized SUV!
  • A full, Caribbean-inspired menu (ranges from mango and cheese empanadas to jerk chicken) cheffed by the former Caribe griddler
  • A motion sensor 3D gaming area with two 70” TVs
  • Bluetooth-enabled video monitors above the bars that'll allow bar-standers and those nearby to play... so hopefully you're not interested in actually getting a drink
  • Eight private, eight-person booths on the "Upper Deck", proving once and for all eight is enough
  • An "Ultra-VIP" room off the dance floor with eight game screens and unlimited play on multi-game throwback cabinets, plus a private motion/3D area
  • Large videogame tournaments, private parties, and events for charity, aka what the bouncer did letting you through the door in that Mists of Pandaria shirt.