Like an old-timey carnival, except that Grandpa would be terrified

The Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freakshow is exactly what it sounds like... fun. One part bike rally, one part carnival, one part grotesque showcase of pig... parts, the Freakshow sort of has it all: burlesque from Le Cirque Rouge, and, natch, tattooed hog fetuses in glass jars, which're awarded to the owners of the region's most badass custom choppers. 2 Gingers and Pabst'll supply the booze, Pizza Luce and the Modern'll supply the eats, and bands like Pony Boy and Reckless Ones'll supply the soundtrack -- all you have to do is show up.Wait, that's not entirely true. You also have to browse our dazzling collection of bizarre photos from BLMF's past and be completely blown away by just how freaky-deaky awesome the TCs can really get. Photos by Richard Brown