18 things that the Twin Cities are better at than anyone else

Minnesota's state motto is "L'Étoile du Nord", which means... um, something in French, presumably, and proves that we're not very good at state mottos around here. But we are pretty good at other things. In fact, here are 18 things that the Twin Cities do better than anyone else, including not winning at sports, and, thankfully for sports fans, beer.

1. Hot dish
Alright, alright, so it's pretty easy to be better than anyone at something when nobody else even knows what the hell it is.

2. The sliding stop
It's a goddamn necessity come fresh snow atop icy roads.

3. Sports futility
Proving you don't need anything close to a winning team to fill a stadium every Vikings season.

4. Passive aggressiveness
No, really, that sweater with the embroidered deer looks fantastic on you.

5. Winter biking
There are more people bike commuting down Park Ave in a -15 degree blizzard than there are people who know that the words "Winter" and "biking" never appear in the same sentence anywhere else.

6. Stuffing food inside other food
Be it putting cheese in a burger or a sticking a wiener into potato batter, we scoff at your turducken.

7. Being outside
It takes an entire population dedicated to living life the Jim Bridger way to make 10,000 lakes so crowded that they don't seem like enough.

8. Being outside... even when we shouldn't be
One word: snowmobiles.

9. Wing shops
We defy you to tell us another chain wing shop is better than Buffalo Wild Wings.

10. Lumberjack chic
Home to the original lumberjack (Paul Bunyan) and wearing itchy flannels, rugged boots, and unkempt beards outta necessity since May 11, 1858.

11. Beer
We'll see your city's best beer and raise you Surly Darkness, which was scored a perfect 100 by BeerAdvocate.

12. DIY
With relatives who were likely snowed in for weeks at a time, learning to do things on our own is pretty much as ingrained in our DNA as pheasant hunting on Thanksgiving.

13. Soft serve
So dedicated are we to the eating of soft serve that Dairy Queen calls a state that should technically be considered too cold for ice cream 60% of the year home.

14. One-off late '90s teen rom-com stars
Rachael Leigh Cook, Josh Hartnett, and Seann William "Stifler" Scott all hail from the Twin Cities metro area.

15. Hockey
Better than anyone... except 90% of Canadian provinces that is.

16. Inventing neat science stuff that makes a difference
If it wasn't for Minnesotans, the world wouldn't have the artificial heart (Medtronic), Post-it Notes (3M), or NERF.

17. Cereal
Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Kix, Count Chocula, Wheaties... shall we go on with the list of cereals churned out at General Mills?

18. Humble-bragging our modest accomplishments into massive accomplishments.
See: this list.