Basically a video game kumite (... with beer)

Ever dream of being one of those video game testers that gets paid to play all day? ... Wait, you do? Really? Alright, your subconscious deserves an enormous wedgie. So prepare for that mentally, then head over to Triple Rock Sunday for a taste of what it's like to get rewarded for joysticking, at Tipsy Pixels

The inaugural pixel-fest of what will now be a monthly "classic video game contest", Tipsy's MC'd by Huge Theater co-founder Nels Lennes, and is put on by the creators of the MN Beard-Off, who've fittingly found an itch to scratch for MSP's button-pushers

The prize for the night? They'll pick up a big hunk of your bar tab

The game? Mario Kart 64. Challengers'll pay $5 tourney fees (no cover for spectators), and then be entered into a bracket with multiple heats of four-player races, advancing until "one man (or woman) is named King (or Queen) of Karts", then advancing no further, in life, because there's just nowhere higher to go

Should you lack the stones to compete, they'll also have old TVs set up with different throwback games to play in the back -- coincidentally, also where your subconscious's tighty-whiteys are now all bunched up.