The Best Date Spot in Every Montreal ‘Hood

Montrealers do more than just go out for poutine when they plan a date, and for good reason. The city is chock-full of amazing date spots -- in fact, at least one can be found in every single borough/neighborhood in town...


Bistro des Moulin in Parc Île-de-la-Visitation (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Hidden within Ahuntsic-Cartierville's nature park is the fantastic French eatery Bistro des Moulin. Situated right along the Rivière des Prairies, Bistro des Moulin's terrace offers a majestic waterside view that can't be found elsewhere in the city, and will no doubt create an altogether romantic atmosphere as you munch on French delicacies and sip on a glass of wine.


Broadway Pizzeria (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Going out to grab a slice may not be the most imaginative date idea, but hey, everyone loves pizza and Broadway Pizzeria serves up some mighty fine pies in Anjou. With a small and quaint interior, you and your date can quietly gorge on one of Broadway's many specialty pizza, such as the famed smoked meat pizza. For folks who can't get enough of the 'za, head to Acropolis Pizza (also in Anjou) for its double-crust creation, a pie that has an entire extra layer of crust over the top of the pizza.


Monkland Avenue 
Why it's a great date spot: Monkland Avenue has a spot for any type of dater. For a great coffee in a trendy atmosphere, head on over to Melk. If a low-key pint is more your thing, then Taverne Monkland can provide. But anyone heading to Monkland Avenue should be certain to hit up the seafood resto & bar Lucille's, because if Lucille's is good enough for Dave Chappelle, it's more than good enough for you.


TKrestobar (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: One of Montreal's best-kept culinary secrets, TKrestobar serves up creative Filipino cuisine. Steamed buns, noodle soups, sticky ribs, and more can be enjoyed in Tkrestobar's charming dining area, but what you should really be ordering is the resto's infamous ramen burger. If your date can handle a giant beef patty with ramen noodles acting as the bun, you know you've found a keeper.


Parc Réne Lévesque (address and info) & Lachine Museum (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: For a relaxing stroll through some lush greenery with a fantastic view of the Saint Lawrence River, Parc Réne Lévesque is the place to go in Lachine, though the park offers more than just stunning natural landscapes. Throughout the grounds are 50 contemporary sculptures, all part of the park's outdoor sculpture garden, so you and your date can have fun critiquing modern art, or at least trying to. You'll also find the Lachine Museum, a recognized heritage site, right at the entrance of the park, for all the history buffs.


Rafting Montréal (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Add a little adrenaline to your date by heading to Rafting Montréal, which has been leading rafting and jet-boating excursions on the Lachine Rapids since 1992. Granted, a group rafting trip isn't the most intimate of settings, but couples who want an extra thrill can also go tandem rafting, which uses a two-person inflatable kayak. No doubt the excitement and intensity of traversing the Lachine Rapids with just you and your beau will be a date not soon forgotten.

The Plateau

Parc La Fontaine (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Montreal has a lot of parks, and Parc La Fontaine doesn't make this list because it has some special museum or activity, the Plateau park is simply beautiful, and perfect for a date. Capitalize on Montreal's “Picnic Law” and grab some eats and a bottle of wine for a picturesque picnic in Parc La Fontaine. An added bonus, if you and your date are still hungry (or simply have the drunchies after a couple of bottles of red) the famed 24-hour poutinerie La Banquise is an incredibly short walk from the park.

Mile End

Nouveau Palais (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Nouveau Palais is one resto-bar in Mile End that manages to maintain a great balance of approachable and trendy. Serving delicious diner eats with fresh ingredients, Nouveau Palais has a menu for almost any meal, from brunch all the way to 3am second-dinner, making it a great date spot literally any time of day.

Le Sud-Ouest

Atwater Market (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Even if you and your date aren't great cooks, Atwater Market can still make for an amazing date idea, because, well, who doesn't love a plethora of amazing food options? You can find tons of local farmers selling their wares at the market, along with more than a few specialty stores that will make you salivate. Get great cheese at La Fromagerie Hamel, enjoy some Southeast Asian specialties at Satay Brothers, or get some gourmet sausages at  Nomade So6 & Gaspor; seriously, the eating options are endless.


Espace pour la vie (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: A four-in-one quadruple threat of a date spot, the sites that make up Espace pour la vie include the Montreal Biodôme, Botanical Garden, Insectarium, and Planetarium. You can get passes to enter two of the areas, or all four for a full-day date where you can see cute animals, amazing insects, the beauty of nature, and the awe-inspiring sights of space.


Restaurant Griyo (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Haitian food is quickly becoming the hot new “it” cuisine in Montreal, and you obviously want to impress your partner with your bleeding-edge hipness, so take them to Restaurant Griyo for a night of delicious exotic eats. Using a tapas-style twist on the typical Haitian serving style, Restaurant Griyo offers a great way to experience the flavors of the cuisine.


Lester's Deli (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Forget Schwartz's, Lester's Deli is where you need to go for a great smoked meat sandwich, a classic Montreal date move. A veritable Montreal landmark located in Outremont, Lester's has everything you want in a traditional deli. An added bonus is that Cheskie's is just down the street, a beloved Jewish bakery that makes the best babka (among many other sweets) in the city.


Plaza St Hubert (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: You can find a store for literally anything and everything on Plaza St Hubert, a retail strip in Rosemont that also makes for a great stroll in the summer months. Housing over 400 shops, including specialty food stores, vape saloons, cafes, and sex shops (for folks feeling frisky) Plaza St Hubert will have you and your date perusing for hours. If you can, try to head to there during its giant sidewalk sales, which take place twice during the summer. 

Little Italy

Dinette Triple Crown (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Getting Italian food in Little Italy? Please, it's been done. Instead, grab a delicious Southern meal to enjoy in the great outdoors by heading to Dinette Triple Crown. Unlike other restaurants, DTC actually provides everything you need for a too-cute-to-function picnic, with napkins, cutlery, cups, and even a tablecloth included in its takeout picnic baskets. Grab your meal then head to Little Italy Park just across the street, and enjoy!


La Bella Italiana (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Two words will convince you as to why La Bella Italian makes for a great date spot: Nutella pizza. If that doesn't convince you, note that the pizzeria-and-gelato parlor hybrid also has a huge terrace perfect for people watching on Jean-Talon Annie Hall-style, all for a price that won't break your wallet. Oh, and did we mention the Nutella pizza?


JoBlo (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Don't assume that Verdun is the quiet little neighborhood it used to be, as the area is becoming increasingly more trendy and happening thanks to establishments like JoBlo. An atmospheric fusion of a burlesque and speakeasy, JoBlo has a charming old-timey feel with great comfort food and cocktails too, altogether making for a great night on the town.

Old Montreal

Clock Tower Beach (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: Beaches are in pretty short supply in Montreal, so the city decided to make its own, right in the heart of the Old Port. The Clock Tower Beach has the white sands and relaxing atmosphere of a real beach, you just can't really go in the water, but there are food and drink options on-site. Rather than gawk at old architecture or take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Old Montreal, enjoy a relaxing date in the sun.


Jardins Gamelin (address and info)
Why it's a great date spot: What was once the rather run-down and mildly sketchy area known as Place Émilie-Gamelin has become Montreal's answer to beer garden, Jardins Gamelin. A new fixture in the entertainment district of Quartier des Spectacles in downtown, Jardin Gamelin has everything you need for a great date, namely food, drinks, and an amazing atmosphere.


Get Indian Food on Jarry or Jean-Talon
Why it's a great date idea: Known for its array of Indian eating options, Parc-Ex is the neighborhood to go to if you want to have an authentic and delicious Indian meal. Two streets in Parc-Ex house more than a few dining options for lovers of Indian food, Jean-Talon and Jarry, giving you more than enough reason to come back to the 'hood to find your favourite spot. Notable must-try restaurants include Bombay Mahal and Punjab Palace on Jean-Talon (both of which are BYOB) and Malhi, Indian Beau Village, and Dera on Jarry.

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