Montreal is No. 1 at these 10 things


Yes, we know Montreal is better than Toronto. It's just simple maths. But did you also know that Montreal is better than every other city in North America? Maybe even the world? Because we can prove that with some pretty simple maths (and rigorously conducted studies carried out by people other than us), too. 

1. Best for studying

Move over, Boston! With 11 universities, the Greater Montreal region boasts the highest number of university students in all of North America (about 200,000). Not only that, but we’re also the world’s best city for international students AND the best North American city to study in. Hum, well except for Boston.

2. Best at speaking French

Ooh la la, Montreal is the largest French-speaking city in North America and second largest in the world after Paris. Yeah, we’re sexy like that.

3. Best at being GLBTQ-friendly

Canada was the fourth country to legalize gay marriage and the first outside Europe. Being awesome just comes naturally to us (looking at you, US of A) and it’s no accident Montreal has the largest gay village in North America. We’re pretty gay.

4. Best at never seeing the light of day

Montreal is home to the largest underground city in the world. Called RÉSO, this intricate 33km pathway of tunnels connects many office towers, shopping malls, metro stations, museums, universities, hotels, and show spaces together in the Downtown area, allowing you to stay warm in the winter or cool down during sticky summer days.

5. Most beautiful women

We make the list every time. Montreal has some of the most beautiful women on Earth. Plus, we’re one of the best cities in the world for dating and one of the sexiest. We just apologize in advance for the inconvenience of having men that, hum; never make the cut.

6. Best at wasting life, stuck behind a wheel

We’re Canada’s No.1 congested city! In the past year, you’ve spent the equivalent of a full working week captive in your moving prison of steel. Congrats!

7. Most loyal hockey fans in the world

Join the religion of the oldest professional hockey team in the world. The Habs won more Stanley Cups than any other franchise... just none in the past 20 years. Keep on cheering!

8. Most bike-friendly city in North America

With almost 600km of bike paths, a pioneer public bike sharing system called Bixi, and a vibrant bike culture, we’ve got nothing to envy to a Copenhagen or Amsterdam. Oh right, expect for our hilly topography, bike lanes designed as an afterthought, and uh, four months of real winter.

9. Best at drinking wine

We drink the most wine in all of Canada. French influence or a gourmet cover up for alcoholism? You know Canadians are the world’s top drinkers, don't you?

10. Best at bagels, poutines, smoked meat, and maple syrup

So-called “New York” bagels are an abomination. Poutine? We invented it. Our smoked meat is served the way The Rolling Stones liked it. And we control the damn maple syrup cartel.

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