The Definitive Guide to Montreal's Best Strip Clubs

Of all the places to escape the weather in Montreal, probably the most inviting spots are the ones where you can make it rain indoors (and yet people are taking their clothes off! And they’re so skinny! One way to solve that.)... which is why we put together this list of all the city’s best gentleman’s clubs.

For large groups or bachelor parties

Club Wanda's
Wanda's, with its many scintillating offerings, will actually make you feel vaguely classy (at least for a strip club). It's equipped with three bars, a full wine list, champagne selections, an upstairs terrace, a full VIP floor, and even fruit and cheese plates, making it pretty much the closest to an actual "gentleman's club" that Montreal has to offer.

Club Downtown exterior
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Club Downtown
What's going on at Club Downtown? Oh, only $10 dances, erotic beds (they have really nice legs), VIP rooms, private booths, and some of the best looking ladies Montreal has to offer. 

Chez Paree
Chez Paree

Chez Paree 
With leather couches and bouncers in tuxes, and one hell of a bachelor party show, Chez Paree will make your last night of freedom at least a teeny bit swanky, if not completely free. 

Kingdom exterior
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Kingdom Gentleman's Club
Perfect for large groups, Kingdom has a huge stage (with six poles!), over 30 dancers, and plenty of private areas, where you can observe other private areas. 

Bar Exxxotica
Take a soon-to-be groom to Bar Exxxotica (one of the better strip clubs outside of the downtown core) to properly host large events, and he can witness the club's offers on special “divorce parties” where you can take your groom friend when he becomes your soon-to-be-divorcee friend a few years later.

For tourists happy to get trapped

Bar Le Grand Prix
Come to Bar Le Grand Prix if you're ready to drink, because they don't really put up with gawkers who don't amass at least a small bar tab. That aside, dances are just $10, you can watch the hockey game on their big screen, and there are free shots for everyone if the Canadiens score.

Super Sexe
Super Sexe is super-famous, and that fame will cost you. It's extremely fun, but nothing you won't get anywhere else.

For when you want to get out of Downtown

Solid Gold
A ways up St. Laurent is Solid Gold, a local favourite. You won't find too many tourists here, and it's made to look like a renovated movie theater, for some atmospheric flair to the ladies' performances.

Dancer at Cabaret Les Amazones
Cabaret Les Amazones

Cabaret Les Amazones
Not all strip clubs outside of the downtown core are sketchy and tiny. Cabaret Les Amazones has two bars, two stages, good grub, and plenty of servers and dancers, without an intense amount of tourists.

Baby Blue Gentlemen`s Club
A ways up St.Laurent, Baby Blue has a full bar and standard $10 dances, but the hook comes in on Thursdays -- otherwise known as Amateur Night -- where you can see performances from locals and tourists alike. Do not bring your wife.

Pussy Corps sign
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For a little something different

Studio d'Exhibitioniste Pussy Corps
Quartier Latin
Far from your average strip club, Pussy Corps is a brothel hybrid where they take you upstairs to a special themed room (of your choice) for a show. Plus, the name is freaking awesome.

Tantra Gentlemen's Club
A newer addition to the strip club scene in Montreal is Tantra, with some very appealing daily specials. Tuesday is Industry Night ($2 drinks!), the first Thursday of every month is Lady's Night, and every Friday has a girl-on-girl show, and a monthly special event. Plan your week accordingly.

Interior of Kamasutra

For when all the bars close

Plateau Mont-Royal
Right off the St. Laurent party strip, Kamasutra has all the stuff a strip club should have, including lotto machines. You'll find cheap shots ($4), friendly staff, and an extremely well-dressed venue.

Club Super Contact 
Super Contact is Super Sexe's little sister in so many ways: smaller, cheaper, and with less glitz. If you want a more intimate (or cramped) setting, go here instead.

Cabaret Sex Appeal sign
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For when you want to keep it low key

Cabaret Sex Appeal
More than a little divey, Sex Appeal won't be packed, with customers or dancers. Still, there are cheap drinks and dances which make it perfect for smaller groups.

Le Chateau Du Sexe sign
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Le Chateau Du Sexe
You'll get up close and personal at Chateau Du Sexe... with just about everyone, because this place is tiny. It has standard pricing and offerings, just in a very small space, so try to avoid it on busy weekend nights or when planning special events.

Centre Erotique
Get comfy at Centre Erotique where bed dances are an erotic option. No bar though, which may be best, because you don't want to be passing out on any mattresses.

For when you actually want a touch of seediness

A little grime makes a strip club charming, and L'Axe is full of charm. Despite being a tad small, L'Axe makes up for its size with cheap beer, a disco-lit central stage, and *ahem* charming dancers.

Cafe Cleopatra exterior
Jeangagnon/Wikimedia Commons

Cafe Cleopatra
Ville Marie
Old-school to the max, Cafe Cleopatra is a straight-up strip club with very few frills, and it's lovable because of it. Nothing flashy, just an eclectic mix of strippers, a bunch of locals, and cheap drinks.

For when you don't want to make it rain (or even drizzle)

Bar Sexe Mania
Cheap and to the point, Bar Sexe Mania has some of the most affordable prices on beer and dances in the city. Be prepared to practice your French, as Sexe Mania is a local place where not many tourists venture off to, or even know where to find.

Bar Oh Caresses exterior
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Bar Oh Caresses
Montreal doesn't have a strict "no touching" rule, as implied by Bar Oh Caresses's suggestive name. A clever title, but the $3 cover, no dress code, and free snacks are the real appeals to this off-the-grid venue.

Studio Sexe
Affordable, and for a reason. Studio Sexe has cheap dance and drink prices, but not the most genial staff, who will likely hassle you if you don't have a drink in hand. Still, cheap is cheap, and Studio Sexe won't be jam-packed with tourists.

Bar Dice
Probably the least expensive club in Montreal, Dice has feature acts, $10 dances, $5 drinks, and an afterthought of a cover ($2). Also worth noting: Dice is couple-friendly, for anyone looking to have an extra-special, relationship-testing date night.

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