19 Nashville Instagrams You Need to Follow Right Now

Luckily for us, our landlocked city only has to endure the ever-so-subtle neck-down bikini pics and aggressively short male suits but once a year (for the most part), and for all the mediocrity that floats around Instagram, there are many hidden gems that showcase what’s great in Nashville, starting with these 19 picks...


Beware if you’re the slightest bit hungry, this foodie eats their way through Nashville portraying the best food joints in town, as well as highlighting some of the best food photographers along the way.


The Convention & Visitors Bureau does an amazing job promoting the beauty of Nashville from every angle.


She splits her time between Nashville and Chattanooga and there’s just something about Beth Kirby’s photos that will make anyone a Southerner at heart.


Check out this makers' hub with cool guys and gals making cool stuff.


The lady claims to sweat butter and after looking at her photos, you probably will too.


This beloved record store keeps its feed well fed with videos of in-store performances, rare record finds, and photos from its Record Store Day, an unofficial Nashville holiday.


His shots of bacon and pork belly alone have never made food porn look so sinful.


This merch company has gained quite a following of local fans as well as travelers who come to selfie with its popular 12th South mural. Follow its latest designs and famous faces sporting its glorious mantra.


The chef at Husk Nashville gives a behind-the-scenes peek at the restaurant’s innovative dishes and locally sourced ingredients.


Did you know there was a cocktail club in town? You do now. And bonus, it posts new recipes to its feed before and after each monthly booze fest.


A favorite local brewery and taproom shows the many glamorous and not-so-glamorous sides to making beer, but apparently having a blast in the process.


Mary Seng is Nashville’s own style blogger and you can follow the fashionista being photographed throughout the city and across the globe. And she’s not bad to look at either.


Arguably one of the most photographed coffee shops in the country, Barista Parlor has no shortage of frothy-good foam art, suspenders, Edison bulbs, and motorcycles.


A style bar, barbershop, AND free drinks, aka, the magic formula to what makes men shop. Follow its feed to see what’s in store before you get there and voila, the ultimate one-stop shop.


All hail the Mother Church that graciously provides backstage photos and Hatch Show Prints from the endless calendar of great performers who visit there.


One of Nashville’s favorite radio personalities, he and his crew also muster up some pretty hilarious videos of their on- & off-air tomfoolery.


Follow the “Old Number Five” distillery as the Nelson brothers depict their progress of resurrecting the family business and making us crave that whiskey on the rocks come happy hour.


Our seven-time Grammy-winning symphony transcends generations through their performances from the classics to contemporary and the many musical legends who join them onstage.


Follow this great depiction of our fair city that captures the historical beauty as well as the growth of a city on the verge.

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