10 reasons to get excited about Thrillist Nashville

That’s right. Thrillist is moving into Music City. And in the spirit of things, we’re going to start by blowing our own trumpets because, well, that’s how you play the trumpet. So without further ado, ahem, toot toot...

1. You’re going to get a weekly helping of the very best Nashville has to offer for you to eat, drink, and do. Which, quite frankly, is a lot of stuff.

2. That weekly update? It’s completely free. Sign up here, and pay it off in three easy installments of nothing, zero, and bupkis -- and if you’re already hooked up to another town (like say Atlanta) you can change your home city right here.

3. This is Nashville’s moment -- amazing growth, food & drink that put other cities to shame, a nightlife to match, Hayden Panettiere being appointed national ambassador -- and we intend to embrace that fact.

4. We already know that it has some of the best burgers, bars, dive bars, coffee shops, and sandwiches in the entire damn country, and we’re thirsty for more.

5. Tennessee is the only 10 we see. Seriously though, it’s a sexy state, and it’s time we got involved. We’re sorry it’s taken us so long, and we promise to make up for it.

6. We understand that in heat like this, it’s both logical & refreshing to have a hockey team.

Hattie B's Chicken
Joseph Woodley

7. HOT CHICKEN. It has ruined regular fried chicken for us all, and we’re okay with that.

8. To us, it will always be the Batman Building... until Google Fiber comes to town. Then it will be the Eye of Sauron Building.

9. At Thrillist, every Friday is Fat Kid Friday, and we just know Nashville can contribute (be warned though, merely looking at these pictures will make you somewhat plumper).

10. As great as Lower Broadway is, we’re going waaay beyond it to hunt down the hidden gems, the underrated sweet spots, and the should-be champions of this city. Think Desano’s is underrated? Think Riverside Grillshack needs more love? Well we’re here to redress the balance...