20 Things People From Nashville Love

Sure, Nashville isn't perfect, in fact it's got a weirdly precise 99 problems, but there's still a hell of a lot to love about this town. And here are just a few things the average Nashvillian can't resist... 

1. Being a slasher

Those with side hobbies/passions/jobs are the slashes. And more than likely, if you’re reading this, you are a member of the generation of slashes. Whether or not you put it on your LinkedIn profile, you introduce yourself as a singer/songwriter/dancer/chef/poet/mixologist/entrepreneur/DJ/cat/artisan/photographer/Lyft driver/ blogger/graphic designer/barista/executive assistant/musician/agent/cat/model. And NOT the other way around. 

2. Being a food critic

Well, most of us just love to eat and try all the new restaurants in town. The other half seems to be comprised of these people... Gross. 

3. Seeing celebrities and leaving them the hell alone

Period. We enjoy getting our kale salad at Whole Foods just as Jack White does: in peace.

Dan Gentile/Thrillist

4. Arguing with Memphis over who has the best BBQ

They win, but if you have ever said otherwise to someone from Memphis, their reaction is priceless. 

5. Entrepreneurs

Nashville is hands down one of the best cities for small business owners. Plus, if we didn’t work for ourselves, we would have zero time for our other professions. See No.1. 

6. Going casual

Remember when you moved here and wore suits to job interviews only to find everyone else in jeans? Yeah, it takes a moment to realize that everyone here likes to keep it casual.

7. Google Fiber

It's here! It's here! It's here!

8. Kindness

Or rather, human decency. Ask any local not originally from here and they’ll say that one of the first things they noticed is how nice everyone is. There’s no secret to Southern charm. Just the old-fashioned "do on to others" bit that your Momma taught you. It’s not difficult. It’s just the way we prefer things and we plan on keeping it that way. 

9. Pride

We love to talk about Nashville and we love for others to talk about us too. Sure we have our issues, but the good always outweighs the bad. And we are ready to show the door to those who disagree.

10. Live music

We may show our enthusiasm from the back of the room, with our arms crossed and a slight, ever-so-cool head bob/toe tap thing going on, but we are dying inside as much as those crazies in the front row. 

11. Craft everything

Beer, coffee, things made out of reclaimed lumber; we love all things locally crafted.

12. Festivals

Really any excuse to throw a party and get free shi*t. We even have one dedicated to the tomato. And we love it, dammit. 

13. Trading stuff

We don’t like paying for things, thus Nashville is a city built on trade. From sponsorships to advertising to even haircuts, skip the green paper middleman, and just put out a real offer.

14. Putting an egg on it

We love eggs on everything: burgers, salads, soup, cocktails, an extra fried egg on an omelet even sounds like a good idea...

15. Sunday Funday

No one knows where it originated, but we’d happily claim it as our own. There’s nothing we’d rather do on Sunday than park ourselves at the nearest two-for-one spot. Of course we mean after church! We're no heathens! 

16. Free sh*t

Have I mentioned we like free sh*t? Being Music City makes us quite spoiled. Given all the free live music available on any given night, we are guilty of cringing over a $5 cover. We will drop all kinds of cash at the bar, but we like our music free. Don’t deny it. 

17. Supporting the arts

To piggyback off the free music thing, we do, however, love to support the arts and our fellow artists. As long as it’s a $5 cover, free, or we’re "on the list," no matter how much money your last cut raked in. If it hits one of those three, we will come out in droves. 

18. Keeping that small town feel

No matter how much our city grows, we will insist on knowing our butcher, our baker, our mailman, our barista, etc. As well as telling ourselves that no matter what happens, we will continue to know everyone and never be able to leave our house without running into at least five friends. This should, in fact, be our 21st Commandment.

19. Defying Nashville stereotypes

There’s nothing better than surprising an outsider when they ask us if we love country music. Yes, we actually do love country music. No, we don’t listen to it in our cowboy hats, boots, and rhinestone jumpsuits, or whatever it is they imagine. But even more so, we love correcting them that Nashville is so much more than country and how we dominate music of all genres. 

20. Having a sense of humor

... Right?! 

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