The '13 Reasons Why' Memes You Need Right Now

13 reasons why on netflix

If you hit play on Netflix's 13 Reasons Why this month, you might've found yourself watching amid mountains of Kleenex. Understandable. Brian Yorkey's adaptation of the popular Jay Asher novel doesn't shy away from putting such heavy topics as drunk driving, sexual assault, and death onscreen. 

That's why fans have been rallying on social media to console each other with the undeniably potent power of memes, pics, and tweets:

Clay's Hitch: gone, but not forgotten.

Hear that? That's the sound of worlds colliding.

And then you melting into a Sadness Puddle, as an old meme gets a new spin.

Ah, yes, a nice serving of verklempt, now available at a restaurant near you.


Good thing Clay never Helga'd him.

Facts only: Gretzky was great at hockey. Clay was great at looking at Hannah.

Yes, for sure, but please be nice to offscreen human Justin Prentice.

And Michele Selene Ang.

Nice try, Jay, but we've figured you out, you sly dog. Now you owe us 13 trophies.

And click here, here, or here to see rare pictures of Clay in his truest forms.

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