Here's All the Evidence That Proves Alex Is Still Alive in '13 Reasons Why'

alex 13 reasons why
Beth Dubber/Netflix

If you marathon-watched Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why last spring, then you know that the season's conclusion left us with a lot more questions than answers. One of those lingering questions was whether or not Alex Standall (played by Miles Heizer) survived his suicide attempt in Season 1’s penultimate episode. You won’t have to wait until Friday, when Season 2 drops, to find out: For reasons unknown, Netflix has pretty much spoiled this massive cliffhanger by creating an active Instagram account for the bleach-blond teen. For anyone who’s still questioning if Alex is alive, let’s take a look at all the evidence that suggests he’ll most definitely be back in Season 2, shall we?

For starters, Miles Heizer has been heavily involved Season 2 promotional efforts, even sharing a promo shot of his character’s mysterious Polaroid on Instagram earlier this month. The Polaroids appear to depict a more ominous, behind-the-scenes layer of each character's backstory; Alex’s shows a scar on the side of his head, presumably from where he shot himself last season. That Alex even has a Polaroid strongly suggests that he’ll be back for Season 2, giving fans the chance to watch him recover from his self-inflicted wound.

Back to Instagram:13 Reasons Why created fake accounts ("Finstas," if you will) for all of its main characters back in April. Most of the Liberty High students that we became acquainted with last year have private accounts with fewer than 100 followers -- the only accounts that are public so far are Jessica (@cheerstojess), Hannah (@itsmehannahbaker), Zach (@dempzee), Sheri (@heyy_sheri), Marcus (@prezmarcuscole), and Alex (@alex.standall). It’s not clear why these six get the open accounts, but Alex has the second-highest amount of followers (behind Hannah, who has over half a million), currently sitting at almost 160,000.

The accounts are attempting to re-create much of Season 1’s storyline through the photos -- Alex’s first few posts are pictures that were taken at Monet’s, where he, Hannah, and Jessica used to meet when they were all still friends. Two weeks ago, he shared a photo of hospital curtains with the caption, "Really into the hospital decor."

Shortly after that, Alex took to the ‘Gram to post another photo that serves as a subtle update to fans about his condition. This one appears to have been taken from his bedroom, and it shows four prescription bottles sitting on his desk captioned, "Welcome to my life now." It’s not totally clear what the prescriptions are for -- many fans in the comments section believe that they’re antidepressants -- but it’s possible that the pills could also be painkillers.

Going off of his more recent Instagram posts, it’s a little difficult to determine how far into recovery Alex is, but he did share a photo of a cane on May 1 that he dubbed "my new wheels," which might be as good a sign as any that he’s back on his feet.

That answers one big question: Alex has to be alive! What’s in store for him next will be determined when brand new episodes of 13 Reasons Why are released on Netflix this Friday, May 18.

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