15 Comedians' Funniest Tweets About Last Night's Debate

Another month, another round of merciless debates from America's finest (?) Republican candidates. Largely because Donald Trump and Jeb Bush just keep participating in these things, comedians on Twitter are having a field day and -- by proxy -- everyone else is, too. So, to quell that thick haze of angst hovering over you like a Jeb Kush smoke cloud, here are 15 comedians' (including Kal Penn, oddly enough) funniest tweets about last night's debate.

15. Keeping with the day's events

14. Marco Rubio, teacher's pet

13. Bobby Jindal biopic

12. Cancer is bad

11. Trump offers endless... everything

10. Mike Huckabee, indulger

9. Ted Cruz, dungeon master

8. Scott Baio?

7. The Donald, minus ectoplasm

6. Obama's third term

5. Dr. Huckabee

4. America's worst gameshow

3. Low-hanging fruit

2. Sabado Gigante

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and loves Twitter like he would love his first-born (but not second-born) son.