Megan Chong/Thrillist
A million dollars still isn't cool.
By Dan Jackson, Emma Stefansky & Esther Zuckerman

From The Social Network to Parasite, these are the movies that capture the chaotic energy of the last 10 years.

Megan Chong/Thrillist
Why some shows stick in our brains long after they air.
By Thrillist Entertainment

What do David Lynch, Jax Taylor, and the hot priest from Fleabag have in common? They're all on this list.

Megan Chong/Thrillist
Never log off.
By Leanne Butkovic & Maris Kreizman

Dat Boi. Distracted Boyfriend. Galaxy Brain. Sad Keanu. Here are the most enduring viral jokes and videos from an extremely online decade.

Megan Chong/Thrillist
How platforms transformed the way we listen to music.
By Dan Jackson

When Lil Nas X exploded on TikTok, the music industry noticed. But he was far from the first viral sensation of the last 10 years.

Megan Chong/Thrillist
A hidden TV gem.
By Esther Zuckerman

Why AMC's computer drama Halt and Catch Fire was the most under-appreciated series of the decade.

Megan Chong/Thrillist
One beefy decade.
By Brian Moylan

Taylor vs. Katy, Bieber vs. Bloom, and 48 more celebrity fights from the past 10 years that are too juicy to forget.