The Most Outrageous Moments from the 2022 Grammys

Olivia and Gaga and Billie, oh my!

silk sonic at the grammys, anderson paak and bruno mars at the grammys
Aderson .Paak and Bruno Mars as Silk Sonic at The Grammys | Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy
Aderson .Paak and Bruno Mars as Silk Sonic at The Grammys | Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Just a week after the Oscars, Hollywood's Biggest Night, it was time for Music's Biggest Night, the Grammys. Following last year's subdued, COVID-protocol-heavy production and after being rescheduled from its original January 2022 date to account for the Omicron surge, the ceremony went down as large scale as usual, bringing all of music's brightest stars out to Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena for a night full of celebration, performances, and tributes. The narrative around this year's awards seemed pretty set going into the event—with pop star Olivia Rodrigo likely to win Best New Artist (which she did!) and Recording Academy favorites Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars likely to take home a few awards as Silk Sonic (which they did! including Record and Song of the Year)—meaning it was a pretty predictable evening. Still, there were a handful of stand-out performances, exciting wins, and wild bits. Below, find the most outrageous moments from the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Justin Bieber wore a giant blazer and Crocs

The Grammys red carpet is always, let's say, a little more experimental than the Oscars. And the most memeable outfit of the night went to none other than Mr. Hailey Baldwin himself, Justin Bieber, who showed up in an oversized Balenciaga suit, a pink beanie, and—wait for it—platform Crocs. It looked like if Stop Making Sense-era David Byrne was put through a hypebeast filter, with a hint of laundry day, courtesy of the footwear. Bieber then later treated us to a hilariously stripped-down performance of his song "Peaches," where he sat in front of a piano and plaintively sang lyrics like "I get my weed from California" as if it were a dirge. Honestly, we have to respect it. —Esther Zuckerman

Olivia Rodrigo brought out a car for "drivers license"

After winning Best Pop Solo Performance for "drivers license" in the Grammys pre-show, Olivia Rodrigo hit the stage for a somber performance of the breakout hit single, which was also nominated for Record and Song of the Year. Now that the 19-year-old Rodrigo can drive, she obviously came out on stage with a full-size Mercedes (shout out to product placement), put it in park, and sang the power ballad from the driver's seat and while walking around the vehicle. It was a minimalist performance, drawing attention to Rodrigo's incredible vocals and the song's heart-wrenching lyrics—but given how tragic the break-up anthem is, we couldn't help but notice how it looked like she was singing of her heartbreak to the car. It had some Titane vibes, if you will. The singer killed it, though, and here's to her driving off into the sunset with her many Grammys, including Best New Artist, riding shotgun. —Sadie Bell

Questlove addressed The Slap

Last Sunday, Questlove won Best Documentary at the Oscars, but his moment was overshadowed by Will Smith slapping presenter Chris Rock for his joke about Jada Pinkett Smith immediately before. By the time Rock gave the award to The Roots drummer for Summer of Soul (...or When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised), he was drowned out, both literally and metaphorically, by the commotion. Now in the role of the presenter, and having already won a Grammy for the film in the pre-show, Questlove began by alluding directly to the situation. "I'm going to present this award and I trust that you people will stay 500 feet away from me," he said. He was also not the only person to address the slap. Opening the show, host Trevor Noah shouted, "We're going to be keeping people's names out of our mouths," paraphrasing Smith yelling, "Keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth." —EZ

Silk Sonic's commitment to the bit

The camera panned to Silk Sonic, aka Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, to capture their reaction for winning Song of the Year for "Leave the Door Open" and they were already up and grooving with the track's simple but effective choreography. But all night—from opening the show with a high-energy set and homage to Las Vegas, where they're playing a residency at the same venue the Grammys were held in—the duo were bit extraordinaires, down to Paak's entire outfit (a bob wig with a blue suede suit and open shirt to show off his chest tattoos), and playing along when host Trevor Noah sat at their table to praise Paak for embodying the soul of Silk Sonic and telling Mars that he's pretty good too. When they later won for Record of the Year, they pulled the same dancing bit before sauntering on stage. "In the industry, that's called a clean sweep!" Paak said as Mars lit a cigarette on stage. "Drinks are on Silk Sonic tonight. We're getting drunk!" —Leanne Butkovic

BTS' V chatted up Olivia Rodrigo before "Butter"

Jin, fresh out of hand surgery for a finger injury, posted up at a hacker's control center as the rest of South Korean megastars BTS were peppered throughout the audience to begin their heist-themed performance of "Butter." Notably, V, aka Kim Taehyung, flirted with Olivia Rodrigo and handed her a gold business card that felt like a hat tip to Squid Game before a Bond-esque interlude transitioned into their nominated song and the rest of the members stormed the stage. Dressed in black, they looked like the smoothest guys in the room, dodging laser tripwires like they were all Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible and hitting their moves like only BTS can. It was the most intimate (and earliest in the night) performance BTS has given at a Grammys, but V flaunting his suaveness and charm with Rodrigo before the number even started will be the moment that everyone remembers, and probably win the boys some new thirsty fans. ARMY, please make some room. —LB

Billie Eilish paid tribute to Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins

While performing her four-time Grammy nominated song and the title track off her Album of the Year-nominated release, "Happier Than Ever," Billie Eilish subtly honored Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who died unexpectedly last week at just 50 years old. The pop star paid tribute to him by wearing a T-shirt with his picture on it and his name on the back. The Foo Fighters had already won three awards in the pre-show (including Best Rock Album, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Performance) and Hawkins was later recognized with a special compilation of clips from throughout his career accompanied by the Foo Fighters song "My Hero," but it was a thoughtful choice to see him recognized in a younger artist's performance. It also felt like Eilish's nod couldn't have accompanied a more appropriate song, considering the track turns into one of Eilish's most rock-inspired songs ever. —SB

Donatella Versace styled Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion on stage

When former Best New Artist winners Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion took the stage to anoint Olivia Rodrigo as their successor, they had a very clearly coordinated fashion mishap: They were wearing nearly identical Versace outfits. Obviously, this was a bit, but the payoff was worth the awkwardness. Donatella herself took the stage, ripped off some fabric and styled the "Sweetest Pie" collaborators herself. Fabulous. —EZ

Lady Gaga paid tribute to Tony Bennett with a jazzy act

Lady Gaga closed out the Oscars last weekend side by side with Liza Minnelli. At the Grammys, it felt like she fully took on Liza's spirit, performing a medley of songs from her and Tony Bennett’s nominated album Love for Sale. Bennett, who is suffering from Alzheimer's and has retired from performing, introduced her via video, and she came out in a '50s-style gown looking like she had fallen out of a Rosemary Clooney movie, completely selling her "Love for Sale" number to the crowd. She slowed things down with Cole Porter's "Do I Love You" sung emotionally in tribute to Bennett. It was beautifully, aggressively, retro in a way that was kitschy but genuine in a way only Gaga could pull off. —EZ

Doja Cat took a bathroom break right before she won

For a moment, it seemed like Doja Cat was MIA after her collaboration with SZA, “Kiss Me More,” won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. SZA was struggling to make her way to the stage on crutches with some help and gown wrangling from Lady Gaga when Doja ran up to the stage from the bathroom. ​​"I have never taken such a fast piss in my whole life,” she said. She then turned away from the audience to, uh, adjust her gown. Despite the goofy beginning of her speech, it ended on a truly touching note as Doja was clearly overwhelmed by the honor. —EZ

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Sadie Bell, Leanne Butkovic, and Esther Zuckerman contributed to this story.