2015's Most Popular (and Awful) Fantasy Football Names

Next to the joy of seeing one's fellow leaguers crushed to a fine powder with each successive game, the best part of the fantasy football season has to be the tidal wave of ridiculous team names people come up with. And by people, we mostly mean dudes.

Inspired by Slate's examination of 2014's top picks, we scraped approximately 800,000 team names from the public leagues on ESPN.com to find this year's 30 most common picks. The results are about as pun-laden, juvenile, and just plain dumb as you'd expect.

Many of the most popular choices from last year made strong showings once more, with Show Me Your TDs (1st) and Beats By Ray (2nd), both retaining their standing -- Turn Down For Watt, meanwhile, got edged out of third place by the utterly humorless Team Smith.

That's not to say there's no fresh talent here, though: plenty of tasteless new names dot the top 30, like Bill Cosbys Sleepers, Adrian Beaterson, and the appallingly genius Luck Her Right In The Percy.

While Deez Nuts was technically the most popular new name on the list (in fifth place), the award for Rookie of The Year actually goes to Dez Nuts (in seventh) for taking the time to turn a fake presidential candidate's name into a legit football pun.

Check out the top 30 below, and view the top 200 here:

1. Show Me Your TDs (1,777)
2. Beats By Ray (1,480)
3. Team Smith (1,009)
4. Turn Down For Watt (925)
5. Deez Nuts (732)
6. Team Johnson (710)
7. Dez Nuts (639)
8. Multiple Scorgasms (621)
9. Team Jones (576)
10. Bill Cosbys Sleepers (548)
11. Victorious Secret (544)
12. Team Williams (540)
13. Adrian Beaterson (531)
14. My Ball Zach Ertz (515)
15. Team Brown (510)
16. Prestige Worldwide (509)
17. Team Miller (469)
18. Password Is Taco (448)
19. Beast Mode (420)
20. Team Davis (416)
21. Luck Her Right In The Percy (414)
22. Slob On My Cobb (413)
23. Team Wilson (399)
24. Chalupa Batman (395)
25. Mr Rodgers Neighborhood (386)
26. Dallas Cowboys (367)
27. Team Ramrod (354)
28. Balls Deep (345)
29. The Walking Dez (343)
30. Cleveland Steamers (328)

Ed note: in the interest of simplicity, we standardized team names for capitalization, punctuation, and weird characters/emojis. We also combined some names which were essentially identical (Deez Nuts/Nutz, Dez Nuts/Nutz, Adrian Beaterson/Beatherson, and Multiple Scorgasms/Scoregasms).

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Gianni Jaccoma is a staff writer for Thrillist, and his fake fantasy team's called The Slippin' Wonders. Follow his awful tweets @gjaccoma, and send your news tips to news@thrillist.com