5 Natural-Disaster Movies on Netflix That Put the Hurricane to Shame

Published On 10/02/2015 Published On 10/02/2015
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Whether or not Hurricane Joaquin struts on up to the East Coast and doles out its moist harshness, Netflix will still be here for all of us to watch. On the off-chance that we're soaked to our socks—or if it's just a super boring weekend—we can take solace in the fact that in some movies, every character is having a worse time than you. So, to celebrate our impending doom (or boredom... again, it all depends) here are some of the best movies on Netflix featuring nature's secret weapon: nature. 

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Deep Impact

A world in which Morgan Freeman is president of the United States is a world about to get hit by a killer asteroid; the universe simply couldn't allow for so much perfection in one place. Deep Impact and Armageddon both came out during the fateful summer of 1998, but only one film featured Ben Affleck and a catchy Aerosmith song. Spoiler alert: it wasn't Deep Impact

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Much like Snakes On a Plane, Sharknado falls into the category of movies that were miraculousy produced. The science behind how a "sharknado" is actually formed isn't especially far-fetched if you just forget how science and weather works: "A freak cyclone hits Los Angeles causing man-eating sharks to be scooped up in water spouts and flood the city with shark-infested seawater." Totally realistic and legit.

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The Ghost and The Darkness 

People always forget that lion attacks can be considered a natural disaster, but how else would you classify a film based on the true story of man-eating lions?! It's certainly not a rom-com. The Ghost and The Darkness features a pre-fat Val Kilmer and a soon-to-be-victim-of-oral-sex Michael Douglas in a high-stakes thriller with friggin' lions! What more do you need?

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The Core

2003's The Core took cinematic pseudo-science to the absolute limit with this righteous plot: the earth's core stops spinning, which means everyone on earth is going to die unless a misfit "team of deep core drillers" can get it spinning again. Tl;dr Armageddon but not in space. 


In a post-apocalyptic world, after global warming creates a new ice age (?) the last remnants of Earth's population is on one train (aptly-named Snowpiercer) that scales the globe... piercing snow? Okay, I didn't personally see this movie, but everyone says it's great and who are you to argue with the judgment of everyone? 

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and won't ride on trains for fear they will cross into a dystopian land. 



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