'SNL' Host Adam Driver Runs Amok at Medieval Times

If you live anywhere near New York City or are a big fan of historical theme parks where they give you an entire spit-roasted animal as a meal, you probably know about Medieval Times. The New Jersey jousting arena is a hotspot for birthdays and office team bonding outings all across the tri-state area, but sometimes, as in Saturday Night Live's funniest, weirdest sketch of the (k)night, the actors playing the dueling cavaliers get a little too into their roles. 

Host Adam Driver's "Green and Yellow Knight" enters the stage in a Braveheart-inspired "costume he brought from home," having forgotten that this place is much more Disney's Robin Hood than Game of Thrones. He's made up a story about his village being pillaged and burned by Beck Bennet's "false king," and no matter how much horrified Mikey Day tries to stop him, Driver is hell-bent on slaying the royal knave with whatever bow and arrow or homemade battle-axe he may have. He's not wrong: $110 for chicken and potatoes is pretty tyrannical. 

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Emma Stefansky is a staff entertainment writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @stefabsky.