Amazon's 'Upload' Gave Us the Most Brutal Cliffhanger in TV This Year

Amazon thankfully has a second season planned for Greg Daniels' tech satire 'Upload.'

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This post contains spoilers for Amazon's Upload.

The very end of Greg Daniel's new Amazon series Upload, a tech satire about a digital afterlife under capitalism, is a doozy of a cliffhanger. Just as Horizen "angel" Nora (Andy Allo) confesses her feelings to the uploaded tech entrepreneur Nathan (Robbie Amell), who is now residing in the depressing 2GB basement of the bougie Lakeview afterlife, Nathan runs out of his monthly data allotment and freezes. On top of that, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) has uploaded herself to win back Nathan (and, presumably, to get away from her vengeful, angry father) and pays for 1GB of data to tell Nathan her big news. But in a fit of understandable confusion and anger, Nathan's emotional reaction depletes the entire gig, and we're back to a frozen Nathan with Ingrid calling out to tech support. Cut to credits.

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It would be downright cruel to end a series like that with so many unanswered questions left on the table around Nathan's suspicious death and Ingrid's even more suspicious involvement. Let's attempt to address some of those here -- especially... 

Will there be an Upload Season 2?

I know, right!!! With a cliffhanger like that, you'd assume that the series had been given a two-season greenlight at the outset of Amazon picking up the show. That didn't happen, but a week after the series came out, the Hollywood Reporter wrote that Season 2 is officially a go, though an episode count and production timeline was not announced. It likely won't hit the streamer until late 2021, and even that might be an ambitious timeline given the uncertainty around when crews will be allowed back on sets in this pandemic-affected landscape. One thing is certain: That was a bold way to end a season without knowing for sure that a Season 2 would be on the way.

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Who killed Nathan?

From the clues planted throughout all of Season 1, it's clear that Ingrid's father, Oliver Kannerman, definitely put the hit out on Nathan, who had back-channeled with Oliver to sell proprietary code that Nathan and his business partner Jamie were working on that would undermine the lucrative, multi-billion uploading industry. Suspicious that the crash came just before Oliver paid Nathan the hefty sum! Even more interesting that Jamie was hammering Nathan about finishing his pieces of code right before his death! (Was there double crossing going on before Jamie opened Freeyond? What a name.) How the pieces were set until Nathan's near-fatal car crash is less clear, as everyone who investigates the circumstances around Nathan's death or was somehow connected to his groundbreaking project mysteriously dies. But not Jamie! On top of sleeping with Ingrid, was there something else he was trying to hide? It's not out of the question that Oliver would approach both of them independently, work with whoever was most willing to play ball, and discard the other.

One thing we do know is that Ingrid knew about the plot to kill Nathan and rewired some of the settings on his malfunctioning self-driving car to "prioritize the passenger" just before the crash, giving her time to upload his consciousness, despite his physical improvement once he had reached the ER. Based on the exchange that Ingrid had with her father in the season finale where she admitted to changing the car's setting reveals two things: One, she probably started dating Nathan to infiltrate his budding tech company until she actually developed (obsessive) feelings for him, and, two, she has a motive for her sudden upload.

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So why did Ingrid upload herself?

Dramatic tension! Yes, the daughter of the wealthy business scion, who probably owns a chunk of upload technology and is definitely responsible for Nathan's attempted murder, essentially committed suicide to join her ex-boyfriend in the afterlife. After Ingrid admits to intervening in the plot to kill Nathan, Oliver tells Ingrid, to paraphrase, that "it's on" and he won't protect her anymore for betraying his trust. Likely to get ahead of whatever retaliation was to come for her, Ingrid opted to escape reality for eternity at Lakeview and keep an eye out for Nathan, who still seems to be in some sort of hot water with Papa Kannerman despite being an already dead guy.

Will Nathan move out of the 2GB zone?

Presumably with Ingrid there to bankroll his pricey stay at Lakeview, yes, Nathan will almost definitely not be stuck in that sad, white-walled basement forever. Still, the reason he moved down there in the first place was to cut himself off from Ingrid, having broken up with her, trading a cushy life at the pay-to-play Lakeview for financial independence with a couple thousand dollars he borrowed from Jaime when he finally returned one of Nathan's many calls. But Ingrid might not be the only money pool he could draw from. What about asking fellow resident billionaire David Choak, who bragged about feasting on black rhino, for a chunk of change to stick around? Choak does still need a golf partner, after all.  

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Will Nathan and Nora ever be together?

If there's one thing Greg Daniels is exceptional at, it's drawing out a will they, won't they relationship scenario between characters with palpable chemistry. First we had Pam and Jim in The Office, then there was Leslie and Ben in Parks and Rec, and now it's Nora and Nathan in Upload. Even though the season closed with two one-sided confessions -- Nathan told his feelings to Nora's avatar, which was being controlled by her boss during her workplace suspension, and Nora told Nathan she loved him while his data trickled down to nothing exactly when she asked if he felt the same -- it's almost a given that one day they'll reconnect. Who knows, maybe relationships between uploads and the living won't be so taboo eventually!

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