The 'American Horror Story: Double Feature' Trailer Teases a Nightmare by the Sea

The first footage from the highly anticipated 10th season has arrived and it is glorious.

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Every season of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's anthology American Horror Story is shrouded in secrecy until right before it airs—but perhaps no season has been as highly anticipated and mysterious as the long-awaited, landmark 10th installment. Not only was the season greatly delayed for a long time, there was very little information available regarding the plot, and it didn't help the its title (which tends to be a giveaway) is simply Double Feature.

After fans waited long enough, FX finally revealed what can be expected of Season 10 by dropping the trailer a week and a half out from the premiere date on August 25. The trailer is for the first half of the Double Feature season, titled "Red Tide," and finds Finn Wittrock and Lily Rabe as a married couple who moves with their young daughter to an eerie, old house in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She's expecting another baby, he's looking to work on his writing, and of course nothing is as it seems in their historic, seaside town. Based on the clip and in typical AHS fashion, it's still pretty vague what nightmare's about to unfold, but a haunting resonant of The Shining, some creepy kid stuff, bizarro townsfolk, and bloodthirsty cryptids coming from the shore all seem to be in store.

As usual, it's one big AHS reunion with everyone's favorite cast members like Evan Peters, Francis Conroy, Billie Lourd, Sarah Paulson (in a grotesque pink wig), and others returning—and you can catch a glimpse of just about everyone, plus Macaulay Culkin, in the clip. While it's unclear what the second half of the season, called "Death Valley," is about yet, or how it might tie into the first half and the other installments of the series (not to mention American Horror Stories, the spinoff anthology series that debuted via FX on Hulu earlier this summer), you can start theorizing about the season by watching the trailer for the first half above.

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