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In his run for the presidency, Donald Trump is selling hoodies and shocking the political establishment. But the political establishment is comprised of adults (in age, if not maturity), and adults are going to be dead soon. What do the youths think of The Donald's improbable-but-sustained campaign success thus far?

To find out, we asked Thrillist-verified Cool Teens™ from the US, Canada, Germany, and the UK for their honest opinions on Donald J. Trump, presidential hopeful.

Had you heard of Donald Trump before he began his campaign for the presidency? If so, how?

"I remember seeing a tweet from him like over a year ago. I don't remember what it said but it was probably stupid." -- Gabriela, 15

"I heard about him because of his show Celebrity Apprentice, and people making fun of him on the internet." -- Connor, 15

"Yes. Stereotypical rich white guy if you ask me." -- Chase, 17

"The first time I ever saw him was on the Comedy Central roast." -- Ben R., 17

Rank this tweet from Trump's verified account on a scale of 1-10. "1. That poor eagle should be flying outdoors , not posing beside someone who is the opposite of freedom. LOL." -- Ben R., 17

"3, because I don't get what he means." -- Connor, 15

"10. He describes America: dangerous, frightening for some, but still beautiful." -- Nils, 16

"3.5, He seems so uncomfortable to be around that bird and he just kinda reminds me of Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter (he looks like a squatty old lady)." - Ben M., 18

"10 out of 10, because eagles." -- Tyler, 16

"Like a 2. He doesn't really need more publicity, but that eagle is fucking majestic." -- Rex, 15

"I'd have to give it an 8. If you're running for president of the U.S., you'd better take some pictures with eagles." -- Chase, 17

Trump’s official campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again.” If you had the opportunity to write a new one, what would it be?

"Make America Great Again... Vote For Bernie Sanders." -- Gabriela, 15

"Help Me Find A Better Toupee." -- Ben M., 18

"Make America White Again." -- Tyler, 16

"Help America Go Bankrupt." -- Rex, 15

"Let's Fuck Up America Even More!" -- Ben R., 17

If you could pick anyone in the world to be Trump’s vice president, who would it be and why?

"Rob Ford, 100%." -- Ben R., 17

"Let's face it, if Donald Trump becomes President, America is doomed. So to add to the hilarity I choose Sarah Palin." -- Rex, 15

"Kanye West. That way if anything happens to him, Kanye will be the president." -- Gabriela, 15

"Maybe someone who is hot but actually gets reality? You know, so Donald will get distracted by the beauty, allowing this rational person to make the decisions. Someone like Emma Watson or something. I don't know." -- Maiya, 15

"Kanye West is a good match. They're both kinda egoistic, and Kanye can gain some experience for his presidency in 2020." -- Nils, 16

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Describe Donald Trump in five words or less

"Ignorant clown full of crap." -- Ben R., 17

"Hair is totally on fleek." -- Rex, 15

"Angry old guy; hates Mexicans." -- Ben M., 18

"Honest billionaire without any sense." -- Connor, 15

"Passionate, rich, determined." -- Elizabeth, 17

"He doesn't give a shit." -- Chase, 17

"Charmingly stupid, yet majestic." -- Tyler, 16

"Rich douche, cheap toupee." -- Nils, 16

"Racist prick." -- Gabriela, 15

Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico. Do you think this is possible? How much do you think it would cost?

"My Hispanic buddies are going to find a way in eventually, they've done it for many years. Why not build your wall on the Canadian border?" -- Ben R., 17

"It would cost a lot more than $4 billion (or whatever his net worth is.) As a guy that worked in real estate, he should know that it's not possible." -- Rex, 15

"I think building a wall is a great idea and is possible to build. Look at all the engineering that is going on nowadays, compared to when the Great Wall of China was built. It will cost a pretty penny, upwards of a couple of billion dollars, but it will be worth it!!" -- Elizabeth, 17

"The wall is impossible, it would cost more money than Obama has wasted." -- Gregory, 16

"It might be possible but it'd probably be really expensive. I think there are actual problems in the U.S. that he should be focusing on." -- Gabriela, 15

"It's definitely possible, but it would cost probably billions of dollars that we don't really have." -- Ben M., 18

"I think it would be 'possible,' but it'd take very long time. It would cost way too much to even think about it because the government would have to buy materials, pay for workers, etc." -- Connor, 15 

If Trump is actually elected president, what will your reaction be? Walk me through it a little bit.

"I would be very disappointed because he will probably deport my immigrant parents and I would then have to work full-time to support my little sister. I also hate the idea of the giant wall, the U.S. is known for making peace like when they helped bring down the huge wall of Berlin, but he wants to build one here. I would probably lose my chance to go study to college if my parents get deported because my main focus would be my sister. I just honestly pray that this nation may choose the best candidate to lead this country!" -- Ben R., 17

"I'd probably be made to 'go back to Mexico,' even though I was born in California." -- Gabriela, 15

"I would be ecstatic if he won! I believe in everything that he says he will do. My vote will definitely go to Trump!" -- Elizabeth, 17

"I'd move to Canada. Not really. But seriously, I would be extremely concerned for the future of our country. His beliefs about sending everyone back over the border and raising taxes on citizens while lowering taxes on businesses is going to kill us financially." -- Ben M., 18

"I'd expect it to be a cheap 4chan prank. I would probably cry, not sure if for laughter or desperation." -- Nils, 16

"I wouldn't understand America anymore. I understand that he's stating his actual opinions, but don't make [his honesty] the reason you are going to vote for him." -- Connor, 15

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