Amy Schumer Left a $1,000 Tip for 'Hamilton' Bartenders This Weekend

Comedy Central

Tipping can be stressful. What's the right amount to leave in different situations? How much extra should you give around the holidays? Are you in a place with one of those new no-tipping policies? Either way, here's a helpful hint: if you're a rich celebrity, tip well! 

At the very least, you'll make your bartender or waiter's night. But hopefully, the world will also find out how generous you are when people start sharing photos of the bill on social media. 

That's what happened to Amy Schumer when she attended a performance of Broadway's Hamilton on Saturday night. According to the New York Daily News, the Trainwreck star left a $1,000 tip on a $77 bar tab, telling the bartenders, "I’ve been there, I get it."

Don't believe us? Check out the Instagram:

"I was very touched — it was just something so generous and so kind that you don’t see every day," Madeleine DeJohn, the bartender, Instagrammer, and aspiring actor, told the Daily News.

There are obviously a few lessons to be learned here. First, if you've got some extra cash, share the love. Second, if you work at a job where tipping is part of your income, keep an eye out for Amy Schumer.

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Dan Jackson is a staff writer at Thrillist and will hopefully one day see Hamilton. He's on Twitter: @danielvjackson.