The 15 Raunchiest 'Inside Amy Schumer' Moments

Inside Amy Schumer
Comedy Central

Amy Schumer's Comedy Central series has a knack for zigging when you think it's going to zag. Thought you were getting a skit about a girlfriend who's bad at video games? Here's a nuanced critique of rape culture. Expecting a normal lineup of sketches this week? Here's a full-episode parody of 12 Angry Men.

Schumer is likely to surprise us all over again this Thursday, when Inside Amy Schumer begins its fourth season. But there are a few things you can anticipate from the show, and no-holds-barred profanity is one of them. To reacquaint you with Schumer's crass humor, here are 15 of the raunchiest moments from the previous three seasons of Inside Amy Schumer. Have fun at O'Nutters.

"Milk Milk Lemonade"

The Season 3 premiere of Inside Amy Schumer asked, "Is it the year of the ass?" It's a question Schumer literally posed to pedestrians in her woman-on-the-street bit, but also one she mocked in this music video, based on that rhyme you thought was hilarious in third grade. Someone actually says, "It's where your poop comes out," and that someone is Method Man.

"Finger Blasters"

Just a bunch of kids talking about chicken fingers. Nothing to see here.

"Beer Ad"

This parody plays on the idea that dudes in beer commercials just want to get busy with the actual beer, not the girls in the ads. And it takes that idea to a pretty explicit conclusion.

"Sex Tips"

In this imagined editorial meeting for Cosmo -- sorry, Glamo -- a bunch of lady editors with severe haircuts and eye makeup pitch daring, terrifying sex tips for the next issue. It's kinda like playing Mad Libs, where every sentence ends in "until he explodes." Fill in the blanks with words like "pumice stone," "sawed-off shotgun," "Red Bull," and "frozen Indian dinner."

"The Shitter"

Pricey interior decorators use a lot of fancy words that seem made-up. But there's no elegance or ambiguity to shitter, which is the only term Amy's designer uses for the bathroom. Well, that, and fudge depot.

"Amy Schumer Doll"

The only doll on the market that inspires little girls to discuss Lexapro, Plan B, tramp stamps, and UTIs. Thanks, Amy!

"Congresswoman Amy"

Schumer aims to make political sex scandals equal-opportunity in this skit, where she plays an Anthony Weiner type holding a press conference about her photo leaks and dirty texts. Shoutout to her beautiful husband, Trentman.

"Horror Movie"

What if you farted while you were scared? Then what if your movie night turned into an actual horror flick? You'd probably get blue comedy like this.

"Search History"

Most of this is a silly twist on the paranoid girlfriend snooping on her boyfriend's laptop. That's not vulgar at all. But just wait for the ending -- it's only very horrifying.

"Lunch at O'Nutters"

Schumer might just have ESP. She seemingly anticipated Tallywackers two years before its existence, but there are still a few key differences between her male Hooters and the real-life one. For one, the waiters at O'Nutters wear berets and singlets rather than boxer briefs. They also have "wet nut contests" and look alarmingly like Jon Glaser.

"Dog Stripper"

If you've ever wanted to see a sexy fake nurse and a sexy fake cop perform for a group of literal dogs -- we're talking poodles, pugs, and Jack Russell terriers -- this is the sketch for you. But it's really on the list for the requisite bestiality jokes.

"Acting Off-Camera"

Just because it's animated doesn't mean it's cute. When Amy signs up to voice a cartoon meerkat in a girl-power spy movie, she's doesn't anticipate the defecating, pantless monstrosity that is Dumpy. At least she got a sweet cut of that merchandising.

"Love Tub"

There's a moment at the beginning of this Bachelor parody when Schumer makes a dick joke that's improbably about both corn on the cob and typewriters. You really just have to watch it.

"2 Girls 1 Cup"

Do you remember that unholy 2007 "viral video" you just managed to scrub from your brain? This is the imagined casting couch for that scat porn. So, yeah, it's disgusting.

"Sex Stories"

You can make mundane bedroom antics the filthiest stories imaginable in the right context. So here's the context: Zach Braff is the speaker, and his audience is a bunch of college buddies who see his wife as their den mother. But seriously, Zach Braff saying "rock hard" would've been enough.

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