And now here are ten GIFs of Betty Draper eating, drinking, and slapping people in the produce aisle

Of all the eating and drinking that goes down in Matthew Weiner's show about infidelity, power, Stan's beard, and occasionally advertising, Betty handles more of it than you might think. So from her sneakily crushing Bugles on the couch, to the sneaky power in her right hand, we now present Mrs. Francis's GIF-based food- & drink-related highlights in honor of the season 6 finale this Sunday

It's already Redi already.

I keep quiet, you keep quiet, we all keep quiet when I eat the second thing of ice cream.

Get in there.

Who even knew they had these back then!?!

Whatever this is, it's pretty good.


Don't you dare tell her to eat more whole grains.

This isn't even really eating, but they just look so happy for once. [Spoiler Alert: THEY HATE EACH OTHER EXCEPT WHEN AT SUMMER CAMP.]

This definitely isn't eating, but she IS holding some cereal.

Whaddup, Glenn?

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