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BREAKING: Anthony Weiner's top 15 rejected sexting names

Once we found out that Anthony Weiner had continued to sext people online under the name "Carlos Danger" AFTER being outed for doing that very same thing, Thrillist's Special Investigations squad rushed to our phones to work our sources. But upon realizing we don't have phones, we cooked up a list of the 15 names the fine mayoral candidate likely rejected before opting for Señor Danger:

15. Dangerous Carlos
14. NotAnthonyWeiner
13. TheHusbandFromTheGoodWife
12. Oscar Mayer
11. Tony Stark Naked
10. I'mClearlyBlackmailingMyWife
9. Carlos Not-So-Slim (In Reference To My Pen15)
8. Ron Mexico
7. Dick Shot Nixon
6. Fat Jew
5. Greg Anthony Weiner
4. Susan B Anthony Weiner
3. Tom
2. Ryan Braun
1. Tony Penis

Can you outdo No. 1? Let it fly in the comments. That was not a weiner pun!

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