The Top 10 Grammy Winners of All Time

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Steve Granitz/Getty Images

It's time we finally answered that age-old question: Who has the most Grammys? OK, maybe not "age-old," but, with the 60th annual awards ceremony arriving this weekend, it seems relevant. So, who is it? If you're thinking Queen Bey, you're wrong (but maybe not for long!). Same if you said Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, or Beyoncé's husband, though they all have enough trophies to melt down and start their own mint. Get to know the top 10:

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How many Grammys? 31 wins, 74 nominations
When? 1962; 1966-68; 1972-83; 1985-88; 1991-92; 1996-97
Wait, who is this? The late Sir Georg was a conductor and, as you might have noticed, a knight (!) -- partly because he wielded his baton like a Cool Sword Guy, but mostly because he served as the music director of The Royal Opera in London for a decade, restoring its status as one of the world's best. Known for his ambition and precision, he also worked closely with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestre de Paris, and the London Philharmonic. The maestro was a thrill to watch, with The New York Times remarking in his obituary that he led with the type of "angular, slashing gestures that could be taken either as pure showmanship or as a way of drawing on an orchestra's full reserve of energy."
Highlights: Any of his Wagner recordings, but give Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg, his last Grammy win, a spin.

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How many Grammys? 27 wins, 79 nominations
When? 1963; 1969; 1971; 1973; 1978; 1980-81; 1983-85; 1989-91; 1993; 2001
Wait, who is this? Jones, aka Q, might be the most versatile artist on this list, having won multiple awards as an arranger, producer, and performer. With a career that's spanned more than six decades, he's proven to be a prolific hit-maker, collaborating with such big names as Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Michael Jackson (whose weird pets he and daughter, Rashida Jones, famously did not like). Next on his to-do list? Netflix for jazz.
Highlights: Too many to list, but how about Thriller? Ever heard of it?

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How many Grammys? 27 wins, 42 nominations
When? 1990; 1992; 1994-98; 2001-03; 2005; 2007-09; 2011
Wait, who is this? This country singer got her start as a fiddle-playing child prodigy before joining the cast of the Grand Ole Opry at age 21 and becoming a multi-platinum star. Krauss boasts the most wins of any female artist and shares more than half her awards with her longtime backing band, Union Station (aww). She could break her long-standing tie with Jones this weekend if her noms in the best country solo performance and best American roots performance categories yield statuettes. 
Highlights:Raising Sand, her album with Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant, which cleaned up at the 2009 Grammys, and her contributions to the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack.

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How many Grammys? 26 wins, 67 nominations
When? 1967-70; 1973; 1975; 1978; 1980; 1982; 1984; 1993-99; 2001; 2003; 2005; 2015
Wait, who is this? A composer, a founder of music research institutions, and a conductor -- though unlike Solti, this one notably led sans baton, using only his hands. At the podium, the late Boulez helmed many of the world's biggest orchestras -- the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Berlin Philharmonic, and the Cleveland Orchestra, among others -- and as a composer, he emerged from the World War II era as a musical revolutionary. Some critics found his avant-garde stylings impenetrable, but he would become something of a composer's composer and a major champion of 20th-century music.
Highlights: "Le Marteau sans Maître," "Pli Selon Pli," and "Structures."

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How many Grammys? 25 wins, 45 nominations
When? 1962-65; 1967-68; 1971-73; 1976-79; 1981; 1986-88; 1990; 1992
Wait, who is this? One of classical music's best-known pianist, Horowitz, the true definition of a virtuoso, made impossible pieces sound easy. ''He will be regarded as part of the pantheon of musicians who influenced their times," violinist Isaac Stern said after his death, "and who left a special legacy that will be remembered and thought about by anyone who cares about performance." If it sounds like he was worshipped as a god, it's because he was -- the kind whose mastery frequently drew gasps from audiences and who therefore got to travel with a personal chef, a water purifier, and, yes, his very own freaking piano.
Highlights:Horowitz at Carnegie Hall -- An Historic Return and his "Stars and Stripes Forever" transcription.

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How many Grammys? 25 wins, 74 nominations
When? 1973-74; 1976; 1985-86; 1995-96; 1998; 2002; 2005; 2006 
Wait, who is this? Another prodigy-turned-multi-instrumentalist, one of only three artists in Grammy history to have won Album of the Year thrice, and a very supportive Taurus. Despite his blindness, Wonder has lived up to his stage name for more than five decades, churning out a staggering catalog of chart-toppers (for himself and for others) and serving as an inspiring humanitarian. If it weren't for Wonder, we might not have the Obamas.
Highlights:Songs in the Key of LifeFulfillingness' First Finale, and Innervisions.

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How many Grammys? 23 wins, 67 nominations
When? 1975; 1977-82; 1984; 1994; 1998; 2000; 2006; 2008; 2014; 2016
Wait, who is this?Not this one -- this one, the one with the precisely trimmed beard, the one who sired the lead singer of Toto (!!!) and, most importantly, went on to write all your favorite movie tunes, from Star Wars and Jurassic Park to Raiders of the Lost Ark and Harry Potter. He's nominated this year for Catch Me If You Can's "Escapades for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra," which was re-released last year as part of a Steven Spielberg collection.
Highlights: Lots, but come on, Star Wars.

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T-8. Beyoncé

How many Grammys? 22 wins, 63 nominations
When? 2000-01; 2003; 2005-06; 2009; 2012; 2014; 2016
Wait, who is this? How dare you.
Highlights: All of it, but especially the award-winning albums Lemonade, Beyoncé, I Am... Sasha Fierce, B'Day, and Dangerously In Love.

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How many Grammys? 22 wins, 64 nominations
When? 1975-76; 1978-79; 1981; 1988-89; 1998-2000; 2003; 2006; 2008-09; 2011-12; 2014
Wait, who is this? One of the jazz world's most influential pianists and composers. Dubbed "the Chameleon," for his wide range of collaborators and styles, Corea has delighted fans since the '60s, showcasing his athletic approach to the keys alongside the likes of Miles Davis, Stan Getz, and Chaka Khan. "We just sat there, open-mouthed," Sting said of one of the pioneer's performances. "He completely devastated the landscape -- it was like scorched earth; it was so musical, so powerful."
Highlights: TrilogyForever, and Five Peace Band.

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T-8. U2

How many Grammys? 22 wins, 46 nominations
When? 1987-88; 1992-94; 2000-01; 2004-05
Wait, who is this? Bono, baby! The Edge! The other two guys! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahhhh!
Highlights: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, All That You Can't Leave Behind, Zooropa, and The Joshua Tree.

Honorable mentions: JAY-Z (21 wins), Kanye West (21), Bruce Springsteen (20), Tony Bennett (18), Aretha Franklin (18), and Paul McCartney (18).

The 60th annual Grammys air Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 7:30pm ET on CBS.

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