Netflix 'Glitch' Turned Aziz Ansari Quotes into Nature Doc Subtitles

Published On 08/04/2016 Published On 08/04/2016

Sir David Attenborough's 11-part documentary series Planet Earth is a wonder to behold. If you to take a jungle safari or climb snowy cliffs from the comfort of your couch, watch Planet Earth. If you want to space out to the most pristine nature photography that's ever been committed to streaming, watch Planet Earth. If you want to read slice-of-life Aziz Ansari quotes while elephants bathe in a river, watch Planet Earth.

Wait... what?

Spotted by Redditor benmeiri84, Attenborough's  acclaimed BBC series is the victim of mislabeled closed captioning -- and the results are hilarious. Culled from Ansari's Live at Madison Square Garden stand-up comedy special, the insta-memes transform pockets of the animal kingdom into squads of Brooklyn singles hoping to get lucky at the club. Plenty of Reddit commenters call bullshit on the screencaps (easily fabricated with the right video software), but the pairings still rule. So let's revel in it and hope we can be as lucky as these fly marmosets. 

A friend was  watching some BBC nature show on Netflix, and a glitch on Netflix cause it to have Aziz Ansari's stand up special's subtitles. 

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Wes Rendar is a contributor to Thrillist. He loves animals and Aziz Ansari.



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