Everything We Know About 'Behind Her Eyes' Season 2

Will there even be one?

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Nick Wall/Netflix
Nick Wall/Netflix

Everyone who watched the bonkers Netflix thriller Behind Her Eyes and experienced its truly out-of-left-field ending probably has just one question in mind: What now?? Where can our characters—the ones who are left alive, anyway—go from here? The show has already topped Netflix's Top 10 list and feels poised to stick around up there as more and more people realize they just HAVE to experience this wild, shocking plot for themselves. Usually that means a season renewal… but Behind Her Eyes, like erstwhile Netflix hit The Queen's Gambit, is classified as a limited series, which normally means one season is all we get. But, as we have learned from watching Behind Her Eyes' final episode, there's no way to predict what can happen next.

Has Behind Her Eyes been renewed?

As stated above, Behind Her Eyes is a limited series, which means that Netflix had intended this only as a stand-alone season. The company hasn't said anything yet about planning for multiple seasons yet, and it very well might stay that way, with the streaming service content to let these six episodes have their popularity and then move on to something else. We'll just have to wait and see. Like The Queen's Gambit, the show is based on just one book (in this case, by Sara Pinborough) that currently has no sequel, so this might actually be where the story ends definitively.

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Would it be possible to do another season?

Those of you who haven't seen the whole thing should turn back now if you don't want the shocker ending to be spoiled for you, but those of you who have know how it ends. As it turns out, Adele, who is actually Rob, astrally projects into Louise's body, stealing it from her, as he once did years ago to Adele (the real Adele, stuck in Rob's body, was pushed down a well). "Louise" and David, once Adele's husband and now Louise's, ride off into the sunset, and only Louise's young son Adam senses that something is up. As an ending, it works on a creepy, open-ended scale. It's unlikely that the show would visit these characters again, since we already know what the big twist of the show is. 

That's not to say that the astral projecting body-snatching aspect of the show wouldn't make a good backbone for a fun supernatural thriller series, which it certainly could. Rob surely isn't the only person alive who knows how to do what he does. An anthology about people who steal the bodies of other people in devious ways could be fun to watch, but the big reveal, which really is the big draw of the show, would be over. Another interesting idea would be to jump ahead to focus on Adam as an adult. But we're merely spitballing ideas here!

Who would be in the cast? 

If they do make more, it's unlikely that any of the actors would return if they decided to focus on different characters, unless they approached it in the same way that Netflix's The Haunting series did, with the same actors playing different characters in the two seasons. Or maybe the next season would be about Rob in the body of Louise getting bored with his idyllic life with David and body-swapping his way out of it somehow. So Robert Aramayo (Rob), Simona Brown (Louise) and Tom Bateman (David) could return, and maybe Eve Hewson (Adele) in flashbacks. Since we don't know what the shape of a second season would even be, we'll just have to wait and see. We'll keep you posted.

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