These Celebrities Have the Best Animal Crossing Islands

Celebs… they're just like us! (Bored and playing video games.)

danny trejo animal crossing island tour
Don't tell anyone but Danny Trejo loves the butterflies. | YouTube
Don't tell anyone but Danny Trejo loves the butterflies. | YouTube

Nintendo couldn't have known when they were planning the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for spring 2020 that the game was coming along at the exact perfect time. Since it coincided pretty perfectly with the COVID-19 quarantine, players have had ample time on their hands to really get their islands going -- and us normies aren't the only ones spending half of our waking hours running around in the game. Plenty of famous people have been playing, too -- Brie Larson gave an interview to Elle from her island, and Elijah Wood's polite requests for fruit from a stranger went viral on Twitter. Now that many of our islands are no longer barren wastelands, the celebs started allowing other people to tour around and see what they've made. 

Felicia Day

Props to IGN for having the idea to video tour around celebrity Animal Crossing islands, providing the rest of us with a tiny look inside the minds of our favorite famous people. Nerd queen Felicia Day is -- obviously -- hugely into this game, as evidenced by the mountain of turnips she has piled on her beach and her fully outfitted ironwood kitchen. 

Lauren Lapkus

Actor Lauren Lapkus has outfitted her whole island with beautiful paths (crucial for those of us who keep sprinting through our flowers, oops), and enjoys giving each of the rooms in her house a different genre of music. Also, the security camera wallpaper really gives a uniquely sinister feel to her character's bedroom. 

Paul F. Tompkins

During her tour, Lapkus mentioned that comedian Paul F. Tompkins' island is particularly impressive, and while he hasn't offered anyone a full tour yet, he's tweeted about it plenty, and even posted a video of himself and a few buddies playing their instruments for each other. Lapkus mentioned that Tompkins' house looks like someone could really live in there, so, Paul, we're begging, show us the rest of your island. 

alex garland animal crossing island

Alex Garland

Director Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation) is, naturally, also playing the game, though his island is honestly pretty normal, considering how bizarre his films usually get. (Not that you could actually create the monstrous Area X in the G-rated game, but, trust us, plenty have tried). The big draw of Garland's island is his character's house, which has a front room full of fish tanks and a basement he transformed into a glowing, neon arcade. 

Danny Trejo

Giving the people exactly what they want, on screenwriter Gary Whitta's YouTube channel, Danny Trejo has been making regular video updates for "Danny's Diary," an Animal Crossing-set player diary for Trejo's island. Trejo's favorite villagers are Flo, the sisterly penguin, and Snake, the ninja rabbit, with whom he enjoys working out on "Muscle Beach." Listen to him laugh as he releases a butterfly. Amazing. 

Shannon Woodward

Shannon Woodward, whom you probably know as the android tech Elsie Hughes on Westworld, plans to theme her island after her favorite sci-fi movies. She has a "Westworld room" in her house, as well as a back room themed after the movie Stargate, and plans to set up a bunch of satellites on one part of her island like the Very Large Array featured in Contact


If you didn't already know that T-pain is an avid gamer, you do now, and he's so avid that he naturally has an Animal Crossing island. He told The Washington Post during a tour that he got into it because of his kids, and now the whole family plays (he recently tweeted that he'd stopped by his wife's island to deliver some Bells when she was in need of a little cash). He's made his house into a castle, complete with racecar bed, game room, and a pet scorpion named Sting. 

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