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The Wildest Shows About Conspiracy Theories on Netflix

wormwood netflix
'Wormwood' | Netflix
'Wormwood' | Netflix

These are indefatigable truths about the world we live in: the Illuminati is real, lizard people are also real, and the Earth is hollow with a colony of people living inside the middle. Literally just kidding. There are way crazier, way more coherent truths out there that don't require a yarnboard and a 4chan account to keep track of -- just a Netflix account! Though fictional shows like Stranger Things are famously based on real conspiracies, we've excluded them from this list in favor of programming that's more or less nonfiction and leans to the side of conspiracy in the fine line between it and true crime. Like, who's to say the Denver Airportisn't connected to the New World Order? (Again, kidding!)

peter sarsgaard wormwood
Peter Sarsgaard stars as Frank Olson in 'Wormwood' | Netflix


Errol Morris, one of the greatest documentarians of… ever, turns his camera to a man whose life has been consumed by the questions surrounding his father's suspicious death from a 13-floor fall out a hotel window in 1953. Convinced this was no accident, de facto narrator Eric Olson lays out the case over the six-part series that his father Frank, a biochemist working on an ultra-secret research project on the capabilities of LSD called MKULTRA, was methodically assassinated by the same playbook the government used for killing foreign heads of state. Relying on interviews and reenacted scenes like The Thin Blue Line, Morris crafts a heartbreaking story about bringing a nearly 60-year long cover-up into partial light.

The Traffickers

Investigative journalist Nelufar Hedayat hosts this gonzo documentary series that focuses each of its hour-long episodes on the intricate criminal underworlds of topics like drug counterfeiting and organ harvesting -- stories we've all read about on conspiratorial Reddit threads. But given solid access to sources in these back channels, Hedayat shows her work by interviewing primary sources and confronting the upsetting realities and consequences of her themes firsthand. It's a dead-serious look at some of the most disturbing aspects of society.

History Channel

Unsealed: Alien Files

An incredible four seasons' worth of alien conspiracy content, Alien Files delivers the goods packaged with the metaphorical bow of very good CGI alien forms whose eyes glint with the promise of annihiliating Earth. It’s classic History Channel-style cheese, except that some of it is actually confirmed as true: the New York Times ran a story in December 2017 that the government did indeed have a secretive UFO program, predominantly at the behest of former Senate majority leader Harry Reid. Tom DeLonge was right.

Underworld, Inc.

This National Geographic-produced series does its best Dateline impression to expose the seedy grift around some of the shadiest industries. Sleep well after learning that Vegas is, more or less, one big gun running operation!

dirty money

Dirty Money

If there are people in your life naive enough to believe with all their might that the world isn't full of untold shady shit, Dirty Money should ease them into the concept. For a quick taste: HSBC knowingly laundered money for the cartel; Volkswagen sold fraudulent promises of "clean diesel"; and (shocker) Donald Trump's tycoon persona is built on lies sold by The Apprentice. All of Dirty Money's episodes are hyper-relevant indictments of the far-reaching evils of late capitalism -- even Big Maple Syrup isn't immune from conspiratorial behavior.

Unsealed: Conspiracy Files

Get the basic overview on nearly all of the regurgitated batshit conspiracy theories you'll encounter out in the wild -- secret societies! HAARP! doomsday! -- in 18 minute blocks, which is just about all a brain can handle until it starts melting.

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