The 3 Best Episodes of Netflix's Incredible 'Love, Death, & Robots' Season 2

If you want to skip right to the good parts, here they are.

netflix love death robots

Love, Death, & Robots, Netflix's Heavy Metal-inspired adult animation anthology series, is back for a second season, and this outing, while shorter than Season 1 (Season 2 only has eight episodes in total, but don't worry, there will be a Season 3), is still packed with daring, original storytelling and a motley collection of vastly different animation styles. A feast for the senses! Being an anthology show, every episode has a chance to be a hit or a miss, and Season 2 does have a number of episodes that stand apart from the rest. Here are our three favorites, for those of you looking to dip a toe into the show. 



Episode 2
Written by sci-fi author Rich Larson, "Ice" is set on a desolate freezing planet, whose populace have been genetically augmented to withstand the forbidding weather. Sedgewick, the young brother of Fletcher, one such "modded" individual, is an "extro," someone whose body hasn't been tampered with. Nevertheless, he tags along when his brother and his friends go out on the ice one night to see the giant glowing whales that crack through the ice on the surface of the ocean to breathe. The key is to run fast enough that the ice doesn't crack underneath your feet and drag you under—something that's tough to do if you're an extro. Beautifully animated in a bold, angular style and monochromatic palette, "Ice" is one of the show's most memorable episodes. 


The Tall Grass

Episode 5
A man whose character design was clearly inspired by the looks of H.P. Lovecraft is traveling by cross-country rail when his train suddenly stops in the middle of a seemingly endless field of tall grass. When he steps out to see what's wrong, the conductor tells him the stop is routine, just an engine malfunction, but don't stray too far from the train while we wait. The man, however, sees glowing lights hidden out in the grass, and heads over to investigate—a deadly mistake. Animated in a painterly 2D-inspired 3D (think The Mitchells vs. the Machines, or Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), "The Tall Grass" is a carefully crafted creepshow with a bite. 


All Through the House

Episode 6
The holiday setting and stop-motion-inspired animation style of this short immediately put one in mind of those classic 1970s Rankin/Bass Christmas specials, and that's about where the similarities end. On Christmas Eve, two young children stay up late in order to catch Santa Claus in the act, and when they tiptoe downstairs to see what's making all the noise by the Christmas tree, some
thing has indeed taken the milk and cookie bait. Something out of John Carpenter's nightmares, with more than Santa Claus's allotted number of tentacles. The episode is both hilarious and delightfully gross, reminding us all that it's important around the holidays to be good… or else. 

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