When You Go to 'Euphoria High,' the Memes Never Stop

The internet is creating chaos in between new episodes of 'Euphoria' this season.

alexa demie in euphoria season 2
Eddy Chen/HBO

After waiting nearly two years for Euphoria Season 2, the Zendaya-starring HBO teen drama has come out of the gate hot and perhaps even more chaotic than in Season 1. The new season is just a few episodes in and there's already been fist fights, fentanyl, and a whole lot of interpersonal drama. The show’s own memefication of itself, thankfully, inspired TikTok users in early January to rally around 'Euphoria High,' imagining what other chaos could happen in its hallowed halls. We're not sure what might be able to top Cassie hiding in the bathtub, or Cassie dressed like an Oklahoma extra, but Sam Levinson and co. will certainly find a way, as will the internet.

Here’s some of Thrillist’s favorite 'Euphoria High' memes so far.

Well, this is literally going to be Rue with her drug suitcase.

Labrinth's music can make anything, even taking an IBS pill, seem dramatic.

This dog is also dressed like it should be trying out for Oklahoma.

The moral of the story is that no one should be dating anyone in the Jacobs family.

The "what I would feed the cast members of [insert show here]" trend started with Squid Game, but at least in Euphoria High land, we're feeding fewer people piles of nails.

Seriously, though, do they ever learn anything—even just, like, basic algebra?

The only Euphoria teen who would get this reference is Lexi, since she seems to be the only one who actually… goes to class.

This tweet imagines the life of a guidance counselor at Euphoria High, but, honestly, are there teachers at Euphoria High?

If there are teachers at Euphoria high, it seems likely that they wouldn't be your average educators.

The nurse at Euphoria high is a drug dealer. Makes sense.

What if a hot Euphoria teen transferred to the high school of TikTok's OTHER favorite teen franchise to own?

Not all of us could be as cool as the Euphoria teens when we were in high school.

And if everything you've ever learned about Euphoria is on the internet, against your will, it definitely seems terrifying.

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