The Greatest TV Bloopers of All Time

parks and recreation on nbc
The Office | NBC
The Office | NBC

Sometimes a TV show's best moments are the unplanned ones, the ones that are so good they don't -- can't -- make it to air. Thankfully, certain series (mainly comedies) have made it a practice to share these hilariously unscripted gems in the form of gag reels, giving fans a peek at the hijinks that happen on set but have to be left on the cutting room floor. 

Below we've compiled a list of our favorite such moments -- Saturday Night Live not included since it's a live show and deserves its own story entirely -- because nothing beats actors nailing a line so hard the rest of the cast breaks in two.

Arrested Development

The beginning of this could pass as a Blink-182 music video. The rest is a reminder that Jason Bateman loves hand job jokes.
Best part: At 4:50, Rob Riggle doing Rob Riggle things

Parks and Recreation

RIP, dear angels of Pawnee.
Best part: At the very end, when everyone processes Chris Pratt's Kim Kardashian joke

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

If you can ignore all those end credits, you're in for a string of treats.
Best part: At 2:31, for some of the most aggressive Carlton-ing of all time

Eastbound & Down

As Kenny Powers would say, "These deleted scenes are funnier than f*ck." Exceptional hair included.
Best part: At 1:10, Will Ferrell talking about his plums

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

An indestructible vase. Gladys and The Nightman Cometh. The vaguest résumé in the history of résumés. Enough loogies to put T.J. Miller's dribble takes to shame. This Season 4 reel is a masterpiece.
Best part: Always Gladys

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

SVU goofs, where a serious show gets a little less serious.
Best part: "You smell great."

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Curb Your Enthusiasm

"These laughs are from their bellies," one commenter points out. "Where it hurts so bad that almost no laughter can fully come out." Spot on, and Larry David's laugh is particularly infectious.
Best part: JB Smoove

Silicon Valley

The Erlich Bachman-meets-"Action Jack" Barker scene is one of Silicon Valley's all-time greats. Tasked with improvising the best ageist put-downs he could, T.J. Miller more than delivered, rattling off dis after dis in front of an incredibly stone-faced Stephen Tobolowsky. The take that aired is brief and hysterical. But this glorious, nearly five-minute-long compilation of outtakes is even better, showcasing the burns that didn't make the cut and giving a quirky cultural history of America in the process.
Best part: "Genesis the book or Genesis the band? Because I know it wasn't Sega Genesis."


More than an hour's worth of Community bloopers.
Best part: Whenever Alison Brie and Danny Pudi are on screen at the same time

The Office

Witness the unappreciated glory that came out of Season 8.
Best part: At 10:26, when Zach Woods destroys Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski with jokes about online karate classes and biceps

Chappelle's Show

This is supposed to be a Chuck Taylor news segment, but really it just turns into lots and lots of infectious Dave Chappelle giggles.
Best part: "Holy shit, I don't think I can do this."

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Again: Nathan Fillion being Nathan Fillion.
Best part: Mal's teleporting

The Carol Burnett Show

Between this elephant story and the infamous dentist sketch (which made Harvey Korman wet himself), Tim Conway is a monster. 
Best part: Near the end, Vicki Lawrence's inspired punch line

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30 Rock

Tracy Morgan. Tina Fey. Will Arnett's juice. Tough to beat.
Best parts: Yeah, Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey, and the juice.


This quick clip isn't very comprehensive, but it has two of the sitcom's best outtakes of all time -- Ross' bagpipes and "PIVOT!" -- in the same place.

Modern Family

You'd be surprised how many times it took to get that amazing Luke-running-through-the-screen-door scene right.
Best part: At 1:42, Nolan Gould and his mortal enemy

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Boy Meets World

Quality Eric.
Best part: When he can't get up

Game of Thrones

GoT might not be a comedy, but watching Peter Dinklage butcher the word "benevolent" is just as fun as watching DJ Khaled do the same to "jewelry."
Best part: Benevolent

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