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The Best Movies, TV Shows, Albums (and More!) of 2016

2016 is over. Finally. Deep breath.

The year we thought existed to resolve the events of the Amy Adams romantic comedy Leap Year became so much more thanks to a scandal-filled Summer Olympics, a turbulent presidential election, and the removal of the headphone jacks in our iPhones. For every "Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar" there was a "Chad returns to Bachelor in Paradise."

While we can assume a handful of future famous faces were born this year, the world took a few of our greats in the process -- David Bowie, Gene WilderAlan Rickman, and Prince all passed away in the last 12 months. And, I mean, we can barely remember July thanks to frickin' Pokémon Go. 2016 was rough.

But hey, chin up. This year also delivered some instant classic entertainment we'll be turning to when 2017 clotheslines us into the ground. In the stories below, we wrangle the best of the best across the mediums that matter the most to you. Indulge. You deserve it, kiddo.

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The Best Movies of 2016

From Hollywood blockbusters to indie gems, we count down the movies you need to catch in theaters (or catch up with on Netflix in 2017). Check back soon -- we'll be adding new titles through the end of the year. Click here for the full article...


The Best TV Shows of 2016

What's your next big binge-watch? Glad you asked. We've got hours and hours of television for you to devour on our list of the very best shows from the last 365 days. Click here for the full article...

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The Best Albums of 2016

Crank up the volume: You're going to want to blast these 2016 records until your speakers burst. We've got a sound for every taste, and yes, they're all that good. Click here for full article...

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The Best iPhone Games of 2016

Wasting time is an art, and mobile games are the paints you need. Download these titles and start fiddling around with your phone in style. Click here for the full article...

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The Best Books of 2016

As the year winds down, give your eyes and ears a rest. Here's a collection of tomes that pair perfectly with your couch and not giving a damn what time it is. Click here for the full article...

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