When a great new song arrives, we want you to know about it -- immediately. Like, right this second. Close that other tab, please. You have to listen to these.

In the interest of keeping you in the loop on all the best tracks surfacing online, we've put together five of the best songs released in the last couple weeks, including new singles from Atlanta rappers, newly returning New Zealand pop stars, and even a guy with a mustache. You can listen to other songs -- in fact, you're encouraged to check out our list of the best albums this year -- but now that you're reading this, you have to hear these. It's the law. 


"Green Light," Lorde

It's hard to imagine a more pressurized scenario than the one surrounding the release of "Green Light," the first single from Lorde's sophomore album, Melodrama, which arrives this summer. For one thing, the New Zealand singer's chart-topping breakthrough, Pure Heroine, came out in 2013 when she was only a teenager (or was she?). Now she's a real 20-year-old with real 20-year-old problems. Like heartbreak. And shitty rumors. And waking up in a strange bedroom. Luckily, the song's robust, Robyn-like production -- courtesy of Lorde, pop maestro Jack Antonoff, and frequent Drake collaborator Frank Dukes -- provides a joyous rush of feeling to push through the pain.


"Draco," Future

By releasing two albums -- FUTURE and HNDRXX -- in consecutive weeks, Future became the first artist to ever score back-to-back No. 1 debuts on the Billboard album chart. (Not even Nelly did that.) Volume is important to the Atlanta rapper, and sorting through his drug-fueled data dump is half the fun for his obsessive fans. But if you're just looking for the hits, start with "Draco," an intoxicating space-age banger that may or may not be about Scottie Pippen's wife. After you've worn this one out, expand to the other 33 new Future songs accordingly.


"Love," Lana Del Rey

"Don't worry, baby," sings Lana Del Rey on her latest submerged piece of swooning retro-pop. There's always been a surreal, David Lynch-esque quality to the controversial singer's best songs, which mix the cliches of '50s normie culture with the lingering violent threats of modernity, and "Love" is no exception.


"Total Entertainment Forever," Father John Misty

Some artists test your patience. Josh Tillman, the mystical, bearded wise-ass behind Father John Misty, trolls your patience, and he does it with glee. On 2015's I Love You, Honeybear, the former Fleet Foxes member perfected his caustic blend of Nilsson bathrobe-pop and earnest folk bloodletting. "Total Entertainment Forever," a track he played on SNL this weekend and which will appear on his upcoming Pure Comedy record, is a fitting continuation of that style: soothing melodies, doomsday themes, and an opening line about having sex with Taylor Swift in an Oculus Rift. Is it bizarre? Yes. How does it all work? I have no idea.


"Slide," Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean and Migos

The weather has been fucking weird lately -- some days it's freezing and some days it's like spring is in full swing -- so, this blissful summer breeze of a song is the perfect seasonally schizophrenic track for the age of global warming. Frank Ocean sails over Harris' shiny, vaguely tropical production and Migos provide bursts of energy to the chill session. Listen to it on a beach -- or in an igloo. It'll sound great either way.


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