The TikTok Videos Helping Us Get Through This Football Season

Fans on TikTok have found creative ways to celebrate their favorite sport in 2020.

football tiktok

With age-old traditions like tailgating and hooting loudly for the home team in packed stadiums disrupted across the country this year, gridiron enthusiasts have had to get creative about how to express their football fandom. One place where the celebration of all things football is still thriving in 2020 is TikTok. Here are seven videos that superfans uploaded or have been watching by the millions that highlight the many ways they've kept their pigskin passions burning during this surreal season.

Backyard football catch

Two kid brothers making NFL-grade one-handed catches in their backyard to the strains of Grover Washington Jr.'s "Just the Two of Us" is a vibe to aspire to in this lockdown season.

The first-ever tailgate

Who even decided that we should gather in stadium parking lots to start drinking and grilling way too early on game days? This ahistorical recreation feels pretty accurate.

Trace McSorley

The most popular quarterback on TikTok is not a big timer like Tom Brady or Russell Wilson. No, it's this Penn State alum and Ravens' third-stringer, all thanks to a very TikTok rap song and one fan's clever coaching decision in Madden NFL.

Respect the drip, Karen

TikTokers are very good at making fun of the pain of our mortal existence, and when combined with college football fandom, the result is this invisible man's impressive game day outfit. 

Vibing strength coach

Anyone who's played almost any level of sports can relate to this: Waking up ungodly early to get to the gym and waiting for you is a coach is already on their third cup of coffee and sports drink.

D1 football perks

Players have also been taking to TikTok to help fans cope and offer more insight into their lives, such as this one in which Clemson running back Darien Rencher provides behind-the-scenes intel on what helps motivate Division 1 athletes: cheap, fresh haircuts at the team-only barbershop.

Signing-day hats

And now, for a bit of history: Ever wondered why team hats are such a staple on signing day? Vlogger Morgan Leinwohl breaks it all down.

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