Streamline your crazy life with the top services of the year

Published On 12/27/2011 Published On 12/27/2011

Check My Ride: Check My Ride lets you build and share a comprehensive personal vehicle history and check up on old whips using their "Where in the World is My Car?" tool...more

Gojee: From a troupe of tech-savvy foodies, gojee’s a hunger pang-inducing new site curating “top-quality” recipes from a growing roster of esteemed food bloggers the world over...more

Gain Fitness: Co-founded by a YouTube/Google financial analyst and a physical trainer, GF's a free workout rec site that generates customized training circuits in minutes...more

Magisto: Mag's a free "magical" video editing service that automatically analyzes your clips for their "best parts", fixes any imperfections, adds transitions, and spits out a condensed, well-edited mini-movie...more

Socioclean: From a coterie of successful consultants & analysts, Clean'll auto-sift through your entire Facebook identity to analyze and flag "wall posts, status messages and photos" that contain "ill-advised and inappropriate material"...more