These Insane Christmas Light Displays Will Get You Pumped for the Holidays

crazy christmas light displays
Tom BetGeorge/YouTube
Warning: If you don't do well with strobes or flashing lights, these videos may make you dizzy.

Christmas: a time for giving, a time for pretending to know what the word "joy" means, and a time for stringing up tens of thousands of lights so your neighbors and the internet can wonder how disgusting an electric bill can really be. That last one's a tough job, one only the bravest families and communities undertake.

You know them: the ones who put your cute little lawn Santa to shame with actual singing snowmen, the ones who end up on ABC's Great Christmas Light Fight, the ones who literally WIN AWARDS for how impressive their synchronized musical displays become. As insane as these obsessive decorators appear, they do another very important thing: They do a damn good job getting people into the Christmas spirit. Below, some of YouTube's most intense highlights to do just that.

This Star Wars one

Because Christmastime is now synonymous with new Star Wars movies. (And, if you pay attention to the keyboard, you can even learn the notes to the "Cantina" song.)

This Trans-Siberian Orchestra one

If you don't get goosebumps around the two-minute mark, you miiiiiiiiiight be a Grinch.

This dubstep one

Every house needs its gimmick, you know?

This other dubstep one

Spoke too soon.

This singing snowman one

This is your brain on Christmas.

This Frozen one

For if you like trees that lip-sync better than Trump picks Cabinet members.

This small but mighty display

This household wants you to know that "size doesn't matter." Not when your lights somehow have better timing than Shea McClellin.

This Navy tribute one

Guarantee: Your heart will grow three sizes, if it hasn't already.

This neighborhood

All you'll want for Christmas is more drone footage. (Merry Christmas.)

This Metallica house

Head-banging snowmen, Santa on guitar, an elf that can flip and catch drumsticks -- I mean...

This massive nativity scene

Yes, the wisemen might all be having one giant seizure, but they're still happy to be there.

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