The Artists on Our Radar from Hangout Fest 2022

You’ll want to check out these rising names in indie rock, hyperpop, and rap.

Singer-songwriter beabadoobee performing. | Photo by Mike Lewis Photography/Getty Images
Singer-songwriter beabadoobee performing. | Photo by Mike Lewis Photography/Getty Images

There were a lot of reasons to head to Hangout Fest this weekend. Alabama's resident major music festival couldn't have gone down in a more gorgeous setting, hailing right from the beaches of the Gulf Coast. While the setting exudes nothing short of sunshine and good vibes, those picturesque views of the coast were constantly soundtracked by excellent talent as the festival always curates an eclectic lineup.

The event tends to prioritize a bill full of the trendiest names in music, but ensures there are popular artists from just about every genre. This year, the fest was top-lined by can't-miss pop, rock, and hip-hop favorites—like Doja Cat, Fall Out Boy, Halsey, Megan Thee Stallion, Post Malone, and Tame Impala. If you missed out this year, we’ve got you covered. Thrillist rounded up the best rising acts from the bill who are worth checking out beyond their sets at Hangout Fest.

Audrey Nuna | Photo by NBC/Getty Images

Audrey Nuna’s mainstream breakthrough seems imminent. The NYC-based recording artist, born Audrey Chu, can be best described as someone who's pushing R&B forward. A sonic polymath, on some songs, her pristine voice croons romantic verses over '90s-inspired beats; on others, like her popular single "damn Right," she raps clever verses that seem to roll off her tongue faster and faster. But, above all, she's unfathomably cool and feels poised to be a major name in pop—the kind you’ll want to say you saw before she blew up.

Beabadoobee, the stage name of 21-year-old Beatrice Laus, makes music that essentially sounds like all of your favorite '90s teen movie soundtracks. No joke: The singer-songwriter's alt-rock aesthetic would fit right with the songs in 10 Things I Hate About You. The Filipino-British artist makes sheen yet thrashing indie rock that has hints of bedroom elements, carried by her introspective songwriting and gentle voice; she's genuinely one of indie's best upstarts in recent years. If you're a fan of The 1975, you'll especially want to check her out. Not only is she on the band’s label, Dirty Hit, she frequently writes and produces with bandmates Matty Healy and George Daniel, and their influence is all over her music.

Blu DeTiger | Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images

It's possible Blu DeTiger made her way onto your TikTok feed without realizing it. Her skillful bass playing has caught the attention of fans on the app (not to mention other artists, like Caroline Polachek and Jack Antonoff, whom she's played gigs with before). The NYC-based singer carries her bass-heavy funkiness into her music, making pop-rock that sounds like a nostalgic disco-funk fantasy. She's sure to get you grooving with her stylish slickness.

Briston Maroney | Photo by Jeff Hahne/Getty Images

Do you need a new singer-songwriter in your life who's guaranteed to make summertime car rides sound especially lovely and bring you to tears? Briston Maroney can likely do that. The Tennessee-based artist has a gorgeous voice with a slight Americana twang and his songs are driven by an old-school guitar sound with an indie rock twist. Above all, though, he's carrying on the folk tradition by telling stories with his songwriting—his tracks have just enough signature angst that will strike your heart in a particular way.

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Have you been meaning to dip your toes into hyperpop, but are a bit intimidated by all of the teens? Well, here's your chance. Ericdoa is still a teen, but the 19-year-old is one of the easiest entries into the somewhat chaotic, very online electronic genre. His style dips more into hip-hop-inspired territory, though, as he frequently raps in a catchy sing-song delivery over maximalist production. You'll be stunned by how incredible something fused with so many frenetic beats could be. He may be a fan favorite in the niche hyperpop community right now, but just wait—it's only a matter of time before ericdoa and his innovative tracks are all over the industry.

Flo Milli | Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images

You'd be remiss not to catch Flo Milli any chance you get, especially at Hangout Fest, which is somewhat of a hometown show for the Mobile, Alabama-bred artist. She's one of the most exciting names in rap to blow up in the last few years and feels destined to follow in the footsteps of Megan Thee Stallion and reach hip-hop superstardom. While her songs often go hard, her lyrics and delivery are always savvy and funny even. You'll catch a buzz off her bubbly vibes.

KennyHoopla | Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images

Within the past few years, blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has been championing a handful of alternative artists who are keeping the pop-punk dream alive. KennyHoopla is one of those artists and even released a mixtape with Barker in 2021. It's clear to see why Barker's in his camp, though: The 24-year-old is truly an exciting original who's moving the genre forward. His voice is reminiscent of Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke, except harder, and his tracks integrate metal and hip-hop qualities along with pop-punk.

When you see Remi Wolf on a festival bill, all you need to know is that she's sure to get the party started. The indie-pop act has blown up in the past couple of years with a handful of viral hits and last year's very fun debut album, Juno. Her music tends to be extremely colorful with splashy production, and different songs find her voice wavering between altered and high-pitched or in her naturally deep, soulful sound. She has the stage presence to match, too—she's like a firecracker of a pop innovator who lets the flame die.

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