The Best Science-Fiction Movies of 2019

Updated On 12/20/2019 at 12:02PM EST Updated On 12/20/2019 at 12:02PM EST
high life
High Life | A24
Matthew McConaughey searches for a fish... and a twist. | Aviron Pictures
In the future, everyone's miserable and cold! | Netflix
Carol Danvers has arrived. | Marvel Studios
The gang's half here. | Marvel Studios
The correct way to discuss parallel universe theory. | Universal
Searching for those elusive fast colors. | Lionsgate
TFW you wake up with new fingers. | 20th Century Fox
The flowers are watching you. | Magnolia Pictures
It gets way more diabolical than this. | Original Film
Don't worry -- the dogs are fine. | Lionsgate
Hunting clones with your boys. | Paramount Pictures
This movie will not make you want to go to space. | Magnolia Pictures
PIKA PIKA | Warner Bros.
Trust me, this isn’t even the weirdest part. | Kino Lorber
Our heroes trying to figure out the Shyamalan twists. | Universal
Off to find his dad astra. | 20th Century Fox
Creepy space scientists can have great hair too. | A24