The Best Stoner Movies on Netflix

These are the chillest movies to stream when you're stoned as hell.

the interview seth rogen
'The Interview' | Sony Pictures Releasing
'The Interview' | Sony Pictures Releasing

Netflix may not have expanded its original offerings to the point of including "Stoner Movies" as a genre, but surely it's only a matter of time, given the way people watch Netflix, sewn into their couches. When they do, the movies below are what you should fire up when you're out of Planet Earth episodes. Grab some munchies and enjoy.

austin powers international man of mystery
New Line Cinema

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Yeah, baby, yeah! There’s no franchise that’s quite as groovy as Austin Powers, the Mike Myers comedy about a sex-crazed, mod spy cryogenically frozen and reanimated in the '90s. It's an absolutely absurd James Bond sendup, but that's half the fun in watching him take on the villain Dr. Evil (also Mike Myers). If you find the London swinger with those teeth and Victorian lace ensembles as irresistible as apparently every woman on the planet, you can catch both the second and third installment on Netflix, too. Yes, please!

cheech and chong up in smoke
Paramount Pictures

Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke (1978)

Cheech and Chong's first full-length movie is straightforward stoner slapstick. The duo smoke up, veer into the real world, and wake up under the thumb of the law. They smoke at home, they smoke at concerts, they smoke in their "Love Machine" Chevrolet Impala, they smoke in court. Small joints, big joints, oversize clown joints: anything goes. And when lawmen come a-knockin', Cheech and Chong smoke their way out of danger. In the 40+ years since, stoner comedies have gone soft compared to Up in Smoke's rambling sense of defiance. Really, there's never been a more carefree attack on the establishment than these two desperately traversing LA for a good hash.

the hangover
Warner Bros. Pictures

The Hangover (2009)

The Hangover is peak bro comedy, but it’s so ridiculous and the bits play out so well that this raunchy party film is absolutely hysterical. When three groomsmen (Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms) get so wasted that they lose their best friend in Las Vegas during a bachelor party gone wrong, they’re forced to uncover their foggy memories to find out where he could be in order to get to the wedding on time. Of course, it’s a shit show -- with insanity ranging from tigers, random babies, an appearance by Mike Tyson, and lots of drugs -- but there’s never a dull moment. Just lean into the “what happens in Vegas” vibe and enjoy the trip. 

the interview 2014
Sony Pictures

The Interview (2014)

Largely overshadowed by the hype that it generated as a result of the massive 2014 Sony hack, The Interview holds up as a very funny, enjoyable piece of filmmaking, if you watch it in the clear light of today. Seth Rogen and James Franco are their usual juvenile, charming selves, and the political satire -- if not exactly worthy of an international incident -- does pack a punch, particularly in its ferociously emasculating portrayal of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (a great Randall Park), who loves Katy Perry and margaritas almost as much as he loves enslaving and starving his people. It may be full of dick and poop jokes, but it's still got bite.

mac and devin go to high school
Anchor Bay Films

Mac & Devin Go to High School (2012)

This movie stars Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. They're in high school. Get it? HIGH school. Snoop has to graduate, Wiz has to help him, and you have to suffer from THC-induced paralysis on your couch to watch this movie. So throw it on the next time you find yourself in that state, and ride it out for 75 minutes. 

the naked gun
Paramount Pictures

The Naked Gun (1988)

The short-lived Dragnet TV spoof Police Squad! found a second life as The Naked Gun action-comedy movie franchise, and the first installment goes all in on Airplane! co-star Leslie Nielsen's brand of straight-laced dementia. Trying to explain The Naked Gun only makes the stupid sound stupider, but keen viewers will find jokes on top of jokes on top of jokes. It's the kind of movie that can crack "nice beaver," then pass a stuffed beaver through the frame and actually get away with it. Nielsen has everything to do with it; his Frank Drebin continues the grand Inspector Clouseau tradition in oh-so-'80s style.

rolling papers documentary

Rolling Papers (2015)

Marijuana legalization has slowly crept into a handful of states over the past several years, so it makes sense that other industries will adjust to keep up with the times. Including journalism -- The Denver Post became the first American newspaper to hire a pot critic, which is probably a lot more taxing than it sounds, as anyone who's tried to write high knows. This doc takes you through not just what it means to cover the weed beat, but also zooms out to look at journalism and marijuana as businesses heading in two opposite directions. Don't worry, it's light enough fare to digest through a smoky haze. 

scary movie 2000
Dimension Films

Scary Movie (2000)

There are so many teen slasher movies that they're basically their own genre -- so much so that they're a ripe opportunity for a spoof. These, plus several other horror classics, are parodied in Scary Movie to a ridiculous extent. Starring early 2000s regulars like Shawn and Marlon Wayans, Anna Farris, Carmen Electra, and others, the sex-ed up ensemble comedy probably would've been way too crude for audiences today, were it released now, but it's remained a teen cult movie, likely for its very shameless form of hilarity. It's obviously a little better to be able to catch the references, but really, it's just an unhinged, late-night favorite.

spring breakers

Spring Breakers (2012)

Harmony Korine's (The Beach Bum) South Florida co-ed partying binge is a bad trip. In the neon-tinged, hazy flick, four best friends rob a fast food joint because they’re that desperate to live out their vacay fantasy -- which they do for a moment -- until they get arrested for drug possession. That’s only the film’s first act, though; the real insanity starts when James Franco's absurd performance as wannabe rapper (AKA drug dealer) Alien enters the picture and bails the girls out of jail, enlisting them in his… business ventures. Basking in the false glow of materialism and instant gratification, Spring Breakers is like a dystopian version of MTV Spring Break. Spranggggggg breakkkkkkk, y'all. Spranggg break forever. 

step brothers
Sony Pictures Releasing

Step Brothers (2008)

"Did we just become best friends?" This collaboration from the comedic writing pair of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) might just be the most iconic, ceaselessly funny bro comedy of all time. Ferrell and frequent co-star John C. Reilly as two adults who both live at home and become step-brothers when their single parents wed is so idiotic, and it's stuffed with hilarious one-liners still quoted by your funnyman friends more than a decade later. 

zack and miri make a porno
The Weinstein Company

Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008)

It's possible you've never seen this Seth Rogen movie, his sole collaboration with director Kevin Smith. In Zack and Miri, a pair of down-on-their-luck roommates (Rogen and Elizabeth Banks) aim to squash their pile of utility bills by making a Star Wars porn parody. While the movie didn't find much of an audience in 2008, Smith told us that he and Rogen were suuuuuper high while editing the finished product, which should indicate if this silly comedy is for you.

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