The Best Thanksgiving Memes to Get You Into the Thanksgiving Spirit

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With Thanksgiving comes excess in all things: food, family, and political debates that go nowhere. Fortunately, the internet has matched the full spread of the holiday in a way that will leave you feeling stuffed to the brim with good content. Get into the Thanksgiving spirit with a meme or 11, and feel free to help yourself to seconds over the long weekend. 

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The #UNameItChallenge

In 2010, pastor-slash-gospel singer Shirley Caesar listed some of her blessings -- greens, beans, potatoes, and tomatoes, among others. Last year, she became a viral Thanksgiving-themed sensation, her blessings serving as the vocal backdrop for numerous dances and remixes. Praise be.

Tumblr's severed toe pendant

Unfamiliar with the tale of the severed toe pendant? In short: One young artist, who made her own jewelry and often worked with "wet specimens, bones, and skulls," received someone's toe for a certain... project. Pics or it didn't happen? There were pics. Onlookers were horrified and confused, some people's long weekends were changed forever, but ultimately a special bond was forged. Now, the story's practically Thanksgiving canon.

Thinking about Thanksgiving like

A classic macro with all the fixins: mountains of mashed potatoes, a river of gravy, the tiniest bit of green. If only it could be turned into a reality: I'm in me nan's kayak. Vroom-vroom.

Politics at Thanksgiving

It's what everyone's thinking about, and now you're in a room with blood relatives and significant others, consuming copious amounts of food and alcohol -- the perfect setting for a little political debate, right? Roy Moore? Kellyanne Conway? HILLARY'S EMAILS? No. Sashay away.

Before and after Thanksgiving

Like 2016's "me at the beginning of 2016 vs. me at the end of 2016," but with a more positive spin. Be the meme you wish to see in the world. But also: Only replicate this if you are this dog or Hank.


Thanksgiving -- a time for giving thanks, devouring turkey, and doing your best impression of a flamethrower as you mercilessly roast your least favorite relative. If you don't make at least one snarky comment, is it really Thanksgiving? 

Trump's turkey pardon

Just as there was no way President Trump wasn't going to mention Barack Obama during his first turkey pardon, there was no way his first turkey pardon wasn't going to get memed to hell. Tater and Tot? Still safe. Trump? Not so much.

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Turkey fire fails

You'd be surprised how many of these exist. So... now is a good time to remind you to always keep a fire extinguisher on hand, to figure out how to cook a turkey before actually cooking a turkey, and to never, EVER drop a frozen or wet turkey into the fryer. #PSA. 

Doing the dishes

The worst part about eating all that food is you need to put it on dishes. Which then need to be cleaned. And you can barely move because you're in a Grade 5 Food Coma. Come at me, you idiot dishes.

Cheating on Thanksgiving

Once again, we can't stress how important it is to refrain from all winter holiday activities until after the turkey is finished. Thanksgiving is not interested in having an open relationship with you.


Whatever you're snatching this holiday season -- the last piece of pie, the remote, your remaining dignity -- do it with this level of strength and confidence. Thaaaaaank youuuuuuu.

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Never forget: In 2008, Rick Astley dropped by the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to hijack a performance from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, a real-life RickRoll without precedent or post-cedentEveryone involved is still recovering.

Blur dogs

These guys are just so freaking excited you're home for Thanksgiving break.

Kids eat first

Their stomachs are smaller, so why should they get first dibs? Come at me, you idiot kids.

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